A Comprehensive Guide: How to Recover a Deleted PDF File!

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Recover a Deleted PDF File!

Have you ever deleted PDF files from your laptop? Are you looking for ways to recover deleted PDF documents from your computer? PDF files often contain valuable detail, the loss of which can be disastrous.

While backups can save you from such situations, multiple users often don’t have one in working order. Hard drive recovery is a complex procedure, and the expectations for PDF recovery depend on factors such as how quickly you acted after losing the PDF and what tools or processes were used.

To recover deleted PDFs from a laptop, we’ll share with you PDF recovery instructions that users can use to maximize the chances of recovering unsaved, lost, deleted, inaccessible and corrupted PDFs on Windows desktop.

So, let’s have a look!

How to Recover A Deleted PDF File?

  • Stop Using your Disk Immediately

This is important to prevent deleted PDF files from being overwritten from your computer, which can not only lead to damage to the PDF file and irreversible loss beyond recovery. In other words, the more users use the desktop or disk after losing or deleting PDF documents, the less chance there will be to recover deleted PDFs from the laptop.

  • Check the “Recycle Bin”

When a file is deleted from your computer, it’s sent to the Recycle Bin. Expect users to use Shift + Delete or software to erase the PDF file. Users can recover such deleted files from the recycle bin with one click.

  • Go to the “Recycle Bin” icon after that and find the PDF file that was accidentally deleted.
  • Now, use the search bar to quickly find a deleted PDF file.
  • Right-click on the PDF disc and select “Recover”.

Finally, your file is restored to its real destination.

  • Check the Backup Drives

If you have a backup of your important data, you can take your important data from there. So, check your external storage devices like SD cards by connecting them with your computer. You might store your deleted files on such devices. However, if the backup isn’t available or the file was not found in the latest backup, proceed to the next step.

  • Hire Data Recovery Professionals

Now, the market is inhabited by the top and reliable data recovery professionals. So, if you accidentally lost your files, it’s time to contact such professionals and bring back your deleted data within a few hours. All these are well-qualified and proficient specialists in terms of retrieving data back. Make sure you’re hiring a well-reputable company. Otherwise, you might lose your information forever. If you have any query regarding data recovery, you can contact our technicians of data recovery in Singapore.

How to Protect PDF Files From Accidental Deletion?

  • You can create a backup in two ways, one is local and the other is to cloud storage.
  • You can run reliable antivirus software and enable real-time security.
  • Always remove or safely remove external drives before unplugging.
  • Always check for warning signs of drive failure
  • Defragment of the internal and external hard drives once a month or quarterly depending on disk usage
  • Use a disk monitoring utility to automate disk error checking and prevent data loss

Wrapping Up!

By taking appropriate security measures, you can prevent the loss of PDF files due to accidental deletion and a variety of other reasons. Backing up is the first step. Also, protect your damages with solid antivirus protection and use data recovery software to get back deleted PDF files from your laptop. A reliable application comes in handy when lost files aren’t available in a backup.

Also, follow the precautions we mentioned at the end of this post to protect PDFs and other files from loss due to accidental deletion or damage