Requiring assistance for Microsoft products when things go out of hand is assuredly worthy! Sometimes, your SharePoint does not work, or the teamwork is not up to the mark just before the meeting. At this point in time, working or running quickly is essential for your business, CBL can assist here!

Assuredly, we provide responsive and proactive assistance for Microsoft products and close more than 96% of calls within (using our certified consultants and engineers). However, if necessary, we can request Microsoft to solve the product technical problems easily and quickly. Also, we provide active 24X7 remote management and monitoring services for particular Microsoft products.

Yes, we give an ideal solution for customers who lack skills in specific technical aspects or who want to reduce the burden of maintaining particular applications (ie exchanges).

The businesses who prefer to give Microsoft Support in the particular environment. However, need assistance from skilled professionals in case of any issues (outside their convenience), CBL provides resilient ticket-based passive three-line maintenance services, aiming to offer low-cost services.

The customers expect quick and same-day recovery when the repairing is done on the Microsoft laptop from the CBLTech. Unquestionably, we are available 24X7 for some technical issues facing your laptop: Physical hardware failure for software linked to troubleshooting, the professional or Microsoft support experts will work on fixing the Microsoft laptop for more reliability and performance.

Microsoft Professional Support Services

Microsoft Support Services is complete support and consulting service we provide, which eliminates and prevents obstacles that hinder their development, thereby improving the efficiency of your team. Also, all user groups in your organization have a different prospect. The various skills of our team enable us to render unique support to everyone.

Certainly, we give clear instructions for end-users, and also present technical assistance for qualified IT team members. Whatever we are doing, we are using our pillars of strength to:

  • Assist & Transform
  • Expand & Customize
  • Train & Help

Benefits of Choosing CBL

We have assisted organizations similar to you and applied this experience to design professional Microsoft support services and the features you need.

Committed Point of Contact

Your main point of contact makes your team members know your environment, your business, and essentially, your team.

Consider our team as yours

Committed contact points are important, however, they are not sufficient. Moreover, from our Microsoft support, your team will quickly turn to include specialists in every field of Microsoft technology.

Less Response Time

Winning challenges as soon as possible is critical to maintaining the productivity of the team. To achieve this goal, the response time (not more than 4 hours) is useful in the industry.

100% Tailor-made

From the moment we start assistance, we assure assistance starts from the process customization to the ticket submission method.

Compliant Contracts

Don’t restrict yourself to settling with five events. Make a plan that fits your current requirements and is adaptable enough to evolve with you. We give monthly and annual contracts of different sizes.

CBL IT Support

By understanding the importance of IT services and keeping it in running mode, CBL offers IT support for not only servers and desktops. But, our packages also have networking applications and devices. Our skilled technicians also examine the systems thoroughly, carry out regular maintenance and in most cases, identify the issues before they impact the business. In addition to all this, if in any case, you encounter IT issues influencing the business operating state, we will solve it onsite or remotely.

Major Service Terms of the Microsoft Singapore

Repair Service

The Microsoft services to the users incorporate different repair amenities and support. The services are; repair for printers, laptops, computers, and scanners of every type.

Parts Replacement

The service centers provide every requires genuine parts with the warranty of every computer product. However, the customer can look for a part replacement in the warranty benefits and protection plans.


The service center provides accessories and parts that have the motherboard, keyboard, SSD, and touch screen.

General Repair

Also, CBLtech provides facilities for the services damaged with accident, fire, or water. The customers can take assistance from our professionals anytime. Our professionals remain available for delivering the support services.

Special Note From Us to You

Microsoft Support and IT support from CBL provides you immediate access to the leading technical subject specialists.Additionally,  connecting you with a committed team for prioritized 24X7 assistance for critical issues to secure your mission-critical systems being available.

Our support is reserved and provided by Microsoft and is the unique service in the market that can link your IT team quickly with Microsoft technicians. Get access to absolute subject-matter specialists for resolving IT issues. CBL will identify your business challenges, suggest solutions for the abiding business IT goals, and support you on your behalf to assure you receive reliable assistance for your Microsoft and IT needs.

Additional Information

Before taking the Microsoft support from us, it is recommended to:

  • Keep a backup of the program or data stored on the Microsoft hardware

Or Accessory, or maintain a copy of data, such as music, video, documents, photographs, and so on.

Or the programs you like to save- Microsoft, resellers, or retailers are not accountable for the programs or data and might delete them.

  • Remove anything which is confidential- Microsoft, resellers, or retailers are not accountable for the privacy if there is any confidential data left on the device.

Microsoft Pro Repair Singapore

Are you still searching for a place providing friendly, professional, reliable, and excellent Microsoft Support Singapore? Choose CBLtech, we are here to assist you!

We repair every single issue related to the laptop or computer; every single service is done at our CBLtech only. Almost 90% of the repairs are assured to be done on the spot in less time. Moreover, the cost included excludes the labor repair fee. In particular, we complete the repair in three to four hours only.

Most of the other issues concerned are LCD/Screen replacement, battery replacement, etc. The Microsoft support from us is comparatively affordable than other similar online IT support centers.