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As malware grows as elusive and complex, the users find it difficult to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Nowadays, it is especially important to protect computers with security and anti-virus software. So, if you have lost important files due to hardware or software issues, accidental deletion, or ransomware attacks, CBL Data Recovery offers professional data recovery services, which are necessary for restoring your business and operations. That is to say, we are dealing with McAfee antivirus software to keep your privacy and security on the top. McAfee is the consumer antivirus software provider that includes complete identity theft protection and VPN service within an economical plan.


McAfee was built by John McAfee in 1989, and the shareware was the first antivirus solution. This software was converted to McAfee Associates, Inc. in 1992.

Ever since, it has aimed at security and antivirus solutions and shortly, become advantageous in this particular field. Its customers comprise 87% of the world’s leading banks, 80% of Fortune 100 companies, 54% of the best 50 retailers, and 600 million devices approximately.

Features of McAfee Software

Full internet security

Our data recovery services offer comprehensive ways of protecting identity, privacy and devices. It is perfect for those who are using many devices, McAfee Total Protection gives mobile, Mac and Window virus protection, capacity to encrypt critical files and spam filtering ability, etc. Connect a maximum of ten devices to protect the most important files from cybercriminals and hackers.

Multi-faceted privacy protection

Gain the advantage from digital identity thieves by shredding or protecting sensitive files, removing cookies, etc. Since your identity survives in various file types, and most of them are undetectable to you, so, Mcafee Singapore will help you eliminate digital footprints which may violate your privacy or damage your identity.

Security that encourages you to go faster

Experiencing slow performance from the antivirus software is not probable now. McAfee Data recovery services Singapore integrates many tools to optimize the PC performance, pause the bothersome autoplay videos, and clear the temporary files and cookies to give you a more satisfying experience on PC even if you are operating your financial spreadsheets or watching your favorite web series.

Reasons for choosing the McAfee Antivirus Software

McAfee’s antivirus software is excellent and is listing is in the most powerful solutions- the fact is certain from our evaluation in recognizing, blocking, or exterminating malware and different threats. VPN is involved in every pricing tier including auto-renewal features, except for the entry-level plan (which also has auto-renewal), all other features provide identity theft security.

Almost every version of McAfee Total security software includes iOS, Windows, Android, macOS devices and every price level of it has the McAfee Shredder which removes the marks of the deleted file, file storage encryption, and password manager.

With a comparison to other security solutions, McAfee stays ahead with the integration of identity, privacy, and antivirus features and tools, created to save you from every type of threat. When the customer enrolls in the “auto-renewal”, you will get access to the secure VPN, that offers bank-grade encryption to manage the personal data with the protection of online habits.

Below are the features incorporated in McAfee Total Protection:

File Shredder

Erase sensitive files to assure that no traces are left. This implies even if you sell your computer, then, your private data will be safe.

Encrypted Storage

Maintain the confidentiality of the sensitive files with 128-bit encryption to secure the important files on the computer. This can prevent hackers from locating your files.

Identity Theft Protection

Accessing it is possible when you are liable for auto-renewal and use identity monitoring and recovery tools to stay ahead of possible identity thieves.

For how long the users can use the McAfee Antivirus software?

As McAfee renews its virus definitions once a day at least, the company updates installed software after four hours when new threats are detected and identified. For activated auto-renewal, the users have to pay 30 days before the subscription renewal day.

The auto-renewal can opt at any time, however, then, you cannot access the ID theft protection, virus protection guarantee, and VPN. And, on the contrary, if you have not opted for auto-renewal, then, you will be notified when the annual or monthly subscription is about to expire with the required time for deciding if you need to renew or not.

What McAfee antivirus protection includes?

MacAfee is the best in terms of antivirus protection that protects the computer, laptop from ransomware, online threats, and viruses with offline and online protection. Below are the elements it includes:

  • Accessible when the customer enrolls in auto-renewal. The secure VPN has bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption for managing browsing data and online habits on-the-go and at home.
  • McAfee® Mobile Security for iOS and Android devices and cross-device security for Macs, PCs, etc.
  • McAfee® Safe Family to promote good habits in children, enabling you to check what they observe online.
  • Vulnerability Scanner to handle the application and windows updates from a single tool that scans and installs them properly.
  • Accessible when you are enrolling in the auto-removal. McAfee Identity Theft Protection assists in knowing the identity thieves with the 24X7 support and online monitoring, etc.
  • Anti-spam for excluding the junk mails before they reach the inbox.
  • Password Manager for securing and managing the passwords with storing, auto-filling, and also, creating unique passwords.
  • McAfee Web Advisor for browsing, banking, shopping with determination by attacks. Also, it includes the clear warning of the files, links, and websites.
  • PC optimization for assisting in getting things manage quickly. It is possible by making the laptop focus on the tasks at hand in an automatic way.
  • Web boost for browsing without any interference and improving the bandwidth and battery with autoplay videos pause.
  • App boost for providing the resource-hungry applications the power they require to finish the job quickly.
  • McAfee® Shredder™ for deleting the important files effectively, assuring no traces are there.
  • McAfee® QuickClean™ for removing the redundant files, boost storage, and clean the temporary files and cookies.

Customer Care Support

If you need assistance in the data recovery services, then, you can approach us. We are here with McAfee Singapore to give you precise navigation to redirect to several topic areas for website support. Our virtual assistance gives guided support and a community forum to publish your queries. In addition, McAfee provides technical help from social channels or live chat or enables the self-service knowledge base.

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