Why CBL Is Among the Most Trusted & Respected Names in Data Recovery

Fast, Secure & Confidential Data Recovery

CBL’s standard service can have your data ready for return three to five working days after our receipt of your hard drive or other media. Our emergency services option is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Under this option CBL technicians are dedicated to your project until a successful conclusion, generally within 48 hours.

Free Data Recovery Service Evaluation

For all of our Customers, whether corporate, government, non-profit, students or individuals, our standard service includes a free evaluation with no hidden costs. After our initial evaluation of your media, we require your approval of the exact charges before we proceed with the recovery.

No Data, No Charge Data Recovery Guarantee

CBL provides you with a “no data, no charge” policy on all recovery projects. If for whatever reason, our technicians are not able to salvage information from your hard drive, no costs will be incurred for our data recovery services. CBL pioneered this policy in 1993, and forced ourselves to provide the best data recovery services possible to generate revenue.

Industry Leading Customer Service with Highly Trained Staff

In order to provide our Customers with the best available data recovery service, CBL has made the commitment to maintaining a quality management system that stresses continuous improvement in processes, technology and the quality system. Our objectives are to ensure your needs are met and surpassed.

90% Data Recovery Success Rate

Because of our high rate of success in recovering data, CBL has earned the respect of not only our customers but also the data recovery community. As a result, CBL has been successful in recovering data after others in our industry have failed. Our success is based on over 20 years of experience focused solely on data recovery. We have developed in-house software and hardware technology and training programs to ensure our specialists are equipped with the right tools to get the job done successfully.

No Hidden Fees

CBL provides every Customer with a written quotation . CBL does not charge any estimate, assessment or attempt fees. Furthermore there are no clean room fees or parts fees which may be found with down market data recovery companies.

No Flat Rate Fees

CBL evaluates each hard drive it receives independently and develops a solution to retrieve data from that hard drive based on its particular failures. A ‘flat rate’ model advertized by some down market data recovery organizations and computer stores limits that organization to only performing certain recovery projects, generally being the less technically demanding or complicated cases.

As a top-tier data recovery organization, and one of the longest operating companies in the data recovery industry, CBL puts a plan in place to retrieve information from every hard drive received. CBL understands that our Customers require their information, and we feel it is our professional duty to provide them with an accurate representation of the circumstances and to inform them of their service options in an up-front professional manner.

Appropriately, since CBL has a larger resource base and the capabilities to handle recovery cases in a faster, more efficient and higher quality method than down market, flat rate providers of data recovery services, our quoted costs are frequently less than the advertised rates of these companies for the same work.

Worldwide Data Recovery Facilities

With company-owned facilities and ISO-5 (Class 100) clean rooms around the world, CBL works with multi-national corporations and business travelers worldwide. We can ensure that you consistently receive the same high quality of data recovery service no matter which CBL office you choose to work with domestically or internationally.

Recommended By Major Hard Drive Manufacturers and OEMs

CBL is authorized by major manufacturers to perform data recovery without voiding the warranty. CBL is a preferred data recovery service provider for such hard drive manufacturers as Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi GST, Fujitsu, HP, Apple, IBM/Lenovo and more.