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Data is not just the essence of any business, however, also an important asset for every user. The important data such as the personal photos and your crucial work documents requires a solid backup strategy for protection from sudden natural disasters, hardware failures, or unexpected deletion. Let CBLTech assist you with flexible and robust backup solutions. We give Synology Support and on-site replacement service in real-time and assure to safeguard your data in case of any urgency and drive failure.

Our skilled technicians will give you secure and quick access to the data despite the location you are at. Synology’s extensive multi-version backup solution preserves the digital assets on the mobile phone (iOS/Android) and computer (Mac/Windows) from malicious attacks, with the ever-increasing threat of encryption-oriented ransomware.


Synology was founded in 2000 and since, then, it is developing a high-performance and adaptive Network Attached Storage (NAS) server. The main headquarters of Synology is in Taipei, Taiwan with subsidiaries all around the globe, like Synology Singapore.  Accessing it from anywhere is possible, however,  in many languages. The main aim of Synology is to provide cost-effective and fast solutions with reliable customer service.

Save your data from encryption-based ransomware

The uncertainty of malware infection is still on the rise, and many infections are rising rapidly hourly, and daily. Synology has solved this increasingly serious malware problem by including strong security measures (like; QualysGuard Security Scan and Security Advisor) and providing constant security updates to defend users from possible threats.

Also, it provides the versatility of choice for businesses and individuals. Lately, encryption-based ransomware is observed targeting network-based devices and personal files.

Synology NAS- Comprehensive Data Management Solution

Data is a key asset and requires proper management. Without data security and backup, companies cannot meet customer requirements. It can also lead to loss of revenue and inefficiency.

A NAS storage system is a device linked to the network that can provide authorized users and clients with data storage and retrieval from the central location. Synology is a name that is a preeminent producer of NAS Synology devices and offers handy boxes that are helpful for enthusiasts for SME-scale businesses.

Our Synology NAS solutions are flexible and scalable. It enables the user to include storage as needed. The NAS works as a private cloud storage solution. Being an affordable and fast system, it gives the leverages that the public cloud on the on-site provides. In addition to all this, it also gives full control of the business data. Now, you can operate and create backups properly.


With the development of analysis technology, data converts as an essential part of all industries. Synology has a vital role to play in maintaining and saving data.

Our aim is to empower all businesses (either small or large) to protect, maintain, and preserve data wherever it is accessed. We offer a high-quality cloud architecture that can cope with the exponential growth of data in this digital world. Synology has 6 million installations and is a committed company in the IT sector. By providing innovative and simple solutions, it is changing the nature of data management.

Synology Support Singapore provides many options to meet the demands of users from individual users to businesses. Also, it has amazing characteristics that are; versatile, environmentally friendly, and smooth.


Synology is the network-oriented storage application for operating the Synology DSM OS. The dissertation is the tower-embedded NAS Appliance which extends from a single bay to twelve bay in one enclosure.

The Synology Flashstation is a Diskstation all-flash version. It features similar capabilities as the Diskstation however, embeds in a 19-inch rack cage. Few of the Synology rack models have irrelevant power supplies.

It’s acquiring is from the DiskStation Manager. The RT1900ac Wi-Fi router have a modem. However, users can link a cable modem or ADSL on the devices’ WAN port, or the 3G/4G modem ranges on the USB port.

CBL provides an extensive array of Network-attached storage for satisfying the particular requirements of customers. So, if you have an interest in knowing how we make a difference, and assist you to improve profitability, scalability, and productivity, then, approach us now! We offer services at affordable prices that appeal to business partners and consumers. Don’t feel hesitant to check the catalog and contact us for a consultation!

The packages in the recovery services for the operations systems is an incorporating components always. The Synology on-site post-warranty support packages are for every system that is not serviced by other service providers. The cost of the support packages relies on the hardware purchase value, and the terms of (service-level agreement) SLA, and the license. Consider that a different support package is for every system, just a single support package for many systems cannot be booked.

Synology Support Recovery Advice

It is advised not to repair the hard drive in the Synology NAS Server. If you try to recreate the system you can further take the risk of Synology NAS recovery. However, you can leave it to our specialists and get rid of the cost concerns.

In addition, downloading the unauthorized solution can cause much damage and lessen the recovery chances. All you have to do is to approach the CBL tech Synology recovery services specialists and notify them about the issues and the necessary details, etc.

Recovering Data From CBL Tech

As the Synology servers are there in the market for many years, and they have received a reputation for being much responsible. Although, there are times when you need assistance from the CBL tech data recovery services because of the overall NAS failure and NAS file system corruption.

The much complicated NAS and RAID Configuration can convert the NAS data recovery as a tedious and difficult task to complete and is better to leave it to the experts to sort the things out.

Get the peace of mind that CBL tech professionals can give you by recovering the data or by fixing the other issues. Data Retrieval from every LUN-either dynamic or non-dynamic is probable. If in any case, we are unable to recover the files, then we are not charging you at all.

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