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Data Recovery Software

Are you searching for data recovery software? Do you want to restore your important photos, data, lost files, emails?

Luckily! At CBLTech, we provide exceptional data recovery services at an economical price. Most importantly, when it comes to restoring data from all media storage devices and promoting recovery, we strive to satisfy our services and customers.


Each digital storage media and electronic device has information that could be inaccessible because of logical or mechanical failure. The method of accessing, recovering, or restoring the inaccessible information is termed Data Recovery.

This process varies from one media type to another. When the failure is logical, like, operating system failure or deletion, etc. then we use the software for the recovery of the data. When mechanical failure happens, like, fire or water damage, physical damage, then, data recovery performs efficiently and easily by our professionals.


There are many issues that are encountered by computers or laptops. They vary from common hard drive crashes, portable external hard drives, common software damages to solid-state drives, SD cards, thumb drives, and network-attached storage that several users use at home to fail, to email loss, file loss, and so on from iPad, Apple iPhone, Galaxy and Samsung phones, deleted photos, data, and videos on corporate servers in the office.

Each type of problem has its effects and causes. The way to deal with them may also be different, just like the DIY products obtainable on the market these days.

There are many DIY online, but sometimes they do more damage than good to current problems. It is because of the reason that incorrect technology is used, then the data to be recovered may no longer exist. After that, it leads to more emotional stress, resources, and time. Hence, many business and home users choose to hire data recovery experts when they encounter data storage media, hard drives, or data problems and you should do the same.


Despite you being a data recovery expert, it is best to allow the specialist to risk permanent loss, less money, or take care of the work. However, attaining a scientific, reliable, and economical data recovery provider can be a challenge. General issues faced by those who need free data recovery software are:

  • Get your data back in one shot. This effort gives the best chance of effective results.
  • Hire a data recovery service company that cannot recover your data, but even charge you.
  • The data recovery centers charge fees that only large corporations can provide. Many take more time to complete the process, months in many of the cases.

Our Secure Computer Repair Process

After choosing the data recovery service according to the preference, we begin the process when the media drops off at our location or ships straight to our lab.

When the Laptop recovery is conducted, the experts will fix the estimate of the price and expected turnaround time for the device recovery. If the customer nodes, the specialists will carry out the recovery. It will not ask for more than the settled price, even when the recovery needs more work than required.

When there is a completion of the recovery, the skilled experts provide the data recovery file to the customers.It is on the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified transfer media for full security of the files in transition.


At CBLTech, we know how frustrating it could be to lose every folder and file. Accordingly, the data recovery software is designed to help you recover damaged, inaccessible, or deleted files by users. We know that laptops or computers are vulnerable and harmful easily. So, our recovery team is well-trained and is available to assist you to deal with any situation professionally and logically.

It is not because of persistent virus or hard disk failure that the problem occurs. We will deal with all problems with the same enthusiasm and professional level. We also provide a risk-free policy that implies you won’t pay anything if we can’t solve the issue.


At CBLTech, you can find the most proficient and economical free data recovery software in Singapore. They have adequate knowledge and the required skills to assist you with every specific need. From recovering solid-state drives (SSD), hard disk drives (HDD), portable external hard drives, network-attached storage (NAS), redundant array independent drives (RAID), iPads, iPhones, etc. It includes different mobile devices to SD cards, USB flash drives, thumb drives, and recovery of deleted videos, photo, emails, and files.

We are a trained data recovery service company. Our experts provides you with the best opportunity to retrieve key information or favorite images that diasppers suddenly. It can be unbearable when individuals lose videos and photos of major family life experiences (like birthdays, weddings, and graduation celebrations).

When companies demand data loss, the outcomes can be catastrophic. Small businesses can be especially dangerous as they lack the backup and security resources of huge businesses.


CBLTech provides high-quality data recovery or care solutions to the customers, providing proper peace of mind. The data care specialist assures that you receive the data back in every kind of data loss situation.

While planning to relocate, retire, or return the leased IT assets, the CBL data recovery solutions assure that there is zero percent possibility of the data breach.

Our way of recovering the data from the software not only assures quality work. But, also keeps the security and confidentiality of the data intact. The strategies or techniques we used are technologically determined. These  provides the advanced solution as per the customer’s needs in as little time as possible.

Despite the reason for your data loss, the specialists here recover the essential data.It is from internal and external media, servers, laptops, and different storage systems. We conduct the world’s extensive residual data research on the second-hand device for providing insights on the warning landscape. It is from the security breaches to the data privacy at the time of arranging the used media.

Our data recovery experts are seeking to implement more efficient ways for data recovery. Most of the time, destroying the hard drives is essential to know the recovery happens.

Are you facing a data recovery issue, call CBL tech now at 6588-0261 to get the required help!

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