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A Brief on CBL Data Recovery Has Helped Clients With Forensic Data Recovery

Clients of CBL Data Recovery’s forensic services include law enforcement agencies, forensic consulting organizations, and human resources departments. CBL offers the skills and knowledge needed to safely retrieve evidence from hard drives and computer systems, as well as the forensic analysis capabilities of storage media in search of deleted, buried, or intentionally or mistakenly damaged data.

Evidence obtained from computer storage devices can be just as important as tangible evidence in the successful prosecution of a case. With the growing reliance on computer technology for “white collar” criminal behavior, CBL’s forensic expertise supports our customers in acquiring evidence that would otherwise be overlooked, undetected, or corrupted.

CBL Data Recovery Singapore Forensics Specialists are trained to ensure that all digital data is handled in accordance with the legal standards of security, continuity, and accountability. The integrity of CBL’s methods and processes will withstand legal scrutiny.

CBL Data Recovery Singapore introduction into computer forensics necessitated a thorough understanding of today’s law enforcement and judicial systems. CBL has kept the experience of prominent practitioners in various sectors to achieve that goal. Working closely with different detectives were crucial in ensuring that CBL forensic data recovery processes met the strict standards required by court-mandated evidence regulations and legal procedures.

What Is Forensic Data Recovery?

Forensic Data Recovery (FDR) is the process of recovering data from a hard drive or other storage device that has been damaged by accident, fire, theft, or any other reason. The goal of FDR is to recover as much information as possible from the storage medium so that it can be used in court proceedings.

How Does Forensic Data Recovery Work?

The first step in recovering  forensic data is to determine if the storage medium contains any valuable data. If the storage medium contains no valuable data, then the next step would be to remove the storage medium from the computer system.

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Next, the storage medium would be examined under a microscope to determine if any physical defects exist. If no physical defects are found, then the next step is to examine the storage medium using specialized equipment. This equipment is capable of reading the magnetic properties of the storage medium. If the storage medium passes all of the tests above, then the next step in the process would be to attempt to read the data stored on the storage medium.

Why Is Forensic Data Recovery Important?

Forensic data recovery is an important part of any investigation. It can help you to determine the cause of a problem, and it can also be used as evidence in court. Below is a brief explanation why data forensic recovery is so important, and how it can help you with your case.

CBL Singapore Forensic Data Recovery & Evidence Collection Process

Time is an important factor in any forensic data recovery operation. By just carrying on with their normal tasks, users may unknowingly or inadvertently modify or overwrite evidence. CBL can quickly capture and preserve data or evidence that has been erased or rendered inaccessible by traditional computer means. CBL can assess whether or not a piece of information exists and, if so, where it might be found.

Step 1 – When CBL Receives the Media

When data storage media arrives to the CBL facility, an accurate audit trail is started. The media is immediately recorded in a tracking system, and a logbook is created. This logbook, which is appropriate for all legal procedures, guides the media through the entire process. Any CBL employee who interacts with the media adds their name, signature, date, and a thorough account of what was done to ensure the continuity of evidence.

Step 2 – Media Sector Replication

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CBL Singapore Forensic data recovery competence in magnetic media storage devices is critical at this stage of the procedure. First, the media is precisely copied sector by sector to ensure the integrity of the subject media and proof is preserved. CBL only operates with the replicated copy, guaranteeing that no original data is contaminated.

Step 3 – Preliminary Examination

CBL offers the client with a report summarizing the file structures, integrity, and recoverability of deleted files during this preliminary assessment. This report may be used to establish whether the files on hand will be useful in the investigation. CBL will provide recommendations on how to proceed if additional information is required. This report enables our clients to make an informed choice from the different solutions available to them.

CBL Strict Forensic Data Recovery Approach

The goal of following this stringent approach is to offer our forensic clients with the following results, which may be necessary in court:

  • Displaying proof describing the facts that will support a conclusion or judgment
  • A forensic report describing how the media was handled and how the forensic testing was carried out.
  • A media audit trail is provided via a report log.
  • A defined procedure that provides for the replication of findings in the event that a challenged group believes it is necessary to contest the results.
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Our team has been involved in many cases where we have provided expert testimony on behalf of our clients. We are confident that we can assist you as well.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading global provider of Forensic Data Recovery Services, CBL Data Recovery has 20+ years of experience recovering data from all kinds of different data storage media.

CBL is distinctive, trained and qualified to provide expert and efficient forensic data recovery services. Due to the nature of forensic data recovery, we would need to work closely with our clients to determine the legitimacy of the information and the different kind of data that will be needed to extract.

We have been providing reliable and professional Forensic data recovery services since we began in 1993. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a reputation as a leading provider of Forensic Data Recovery services and are told that we are one of the best in Singapore. We offer fast turnaround times, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service.

CBL 4-Step Data Recovery Process For Standard Media

Step 1: Free Data Recovery Service Evaluation with Written Quote

Step 2: Data Recovery Is Performed According To Evaluation Findings and Client Approval

Step 3: Data Is Recovered and Placed In Quality Control for Authentication

Step 4: Recovered Data Is Packaged and Returned With Proper Loading Instructions

Timeframe: Estimated within 4-6 Hours from the time your Data Recovery request is received.
Standard Recovery Services: 3-7 Business Days
Rush and Emergency Services: 24-72 Hours
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CBL Data Recovery Service Commitment

“CBL Singapore has truly assisted us with gathering vital information for us to proceed with our investigations.”

Fast, Secure & Confidential Data Recovery Services

CBL Singapore’s standard service can have your data ready for return three to five working days after the receipt of your hard disk or other media. Our emergency services option is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Under this option, CBL technicians are dedicated to your project until a successful conclusion, usually within 48 hours.

No Hidden Fees

Every single one of CBL Singapore’s customers receives a written quotation from the company. Estimate, assessment, and attempt fees are not anything that CBL will charge.

No Data, No Charge Data Recovery Guarantee

Since 1993, our “No Data, No Charge” policy has been a cornerstone of our business. CBL is THE policy that governs all of our recovery projects. There will be no charges if our technicians are unable to salvage information from your data storage media.

90% Data Recovery Success Rate

CBL Singapore has earned the respect of not only our customers but also the data recovery community, due to our high success rate in recovering data. As a result, CBL has succeeded whereas others have failed in recovering data. Our success is built on over 20 years of data recovery experience on all storage media. We have developed in-house software and hardware technology, as well as training programs, to ensure that our specialists have the right tools to complete the job successfully. In summary, we have the best equipment and staff in the industry.

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