Are you facing issues with your PC or Laptop? Do you have any issues with the laptop or computer? Do not worry! CBL Tech is here to assist you and to rectify it and convert it as fresh as new. We are a one-stop solution for computer and laptop repairing in Singapore in a cost-effective and affordable way.  Undoubtedly, the laptop and computer doctors in Singapore specialize in upgrading, repairing, corrosion cleaning, and computer repairs of all parts.

Trusted Computer and Laptop Repair Singapore

CBLTech is your only choice center for solving any laptop or PC-related issues. Whether it is a hardware problem or a software problem, we can provide you with the correct solution for every problem. Moreover, we promise transparency and competitive prices. Our technical specialists have many many years of experience in the same industry and know laptops and brands from the inside out. Additionally, we assure you that we keep up with the recent technologies and advancements and can repair every latest model. In addition to PCs and laptops, we can also assist you to repair the mobile phone.

Indeed, we feel pride as the exceptional authority in fixing the PC issues, giving them time to show or make, despite whether it is equipment-related or programming, with the shortest turnaround at undividedly reasonable costs.

Notwithstanding, you require an infection suspension to motherboard chip level administration, workstation, keyboard fix, screen substitution, and additional parts overhaul administration or other imperfections, we will repair them all assuredly. Also, we are experts in fluid spillage, broken PC modification, data recuperation on broken hard drives, data recovery by chip level service.

CBL tech repairs the computer and laptops at an affordable price and the turnaround time is more as compared to the competitor and similar day fixing, in some hours only on the PC issues. Not to mention, you can call us anytime if there is much trouble in fixing the issues.

What We Deal With

Screen or Battery Replacement, Memory and Disk Upgrades

Replace the laptop battery, screen, and different components affordably and quickly with the quality-tested parts. Additionally, upgrade the disk and memory for more storage and better performance.

Computer is not powering on or booting, water damage repairs

Allow our professionals to find why the computers are not working properly and give you a no-obligation quote. Considerably, if it is not powering on, not booting or liquid spilled the laptop, the CBL team is here to analyze it and will fix it successfully.

Malware or Virus Removal

When it is about personal data, compromising is not allowed. Consequently, when you notice that the computer or laptop is slowing down, approach us, we will give your PC the virus scan or carry out a full diagnostic test.

Data Recovery

The documents or files are important to everyone and we keep them as a top priority. Besides, We have lab-level equipment and facilities to assure the data recovery takes place efficiently.

Other Computer and Laptop Repair Services

  • Slow processing of the operating system
  • Malware, Virus, and adware removal
  • Data recovery of unexpected removed files
  • Unable to use essential software program
  • Computer unresponsive or lagging
  • Re-installations of OS
  • PC unable to startup
  • Eliminate disturbing pop-ups ads
  • Configure antivirus and firewall
  • Configure broadband routers
  • Windows re-installations and PC reformatting
  • Mac troubleshooting and OS Setup
  • Re-install webcam or printer drivers
  • Reliable and proficient IT support
  • Basic health check & performance tune-up
  • Unable to link to the Internet
  • Data backup to the cloud or external disk drive
  • Hard drive Defragmentation
  • Network Printer and USB issues
  • Familiar with branded PC/ laptop or like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, IBM, HP or also DIY PC
  • Replacement of hardware parts such as power supply and motherboard.
  • Cracked LCD replacement and laptop screen
  • Additional memory/RAM and graphic cards installation
  • Diagnose CPU and motherboard
  • IT consultations, etc.
  • Data Recovery migration and transfer
  • Broken LCD, Digitizer, or Glass replacement
  • Liquid Spill emergency services
  • Expert in every iMac laptop and Apple Macbook Repair
  • Wireless 4G, 3G, LTE connection issues
  • Volume or Power button issues
  • Home button problems
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charging port problems, etc.

Why Choose Cbltech for Computer and Laptop Repairing

Reliable partners

Make sure your gadget is in good condition. Of course, We give truly high-quality parts and services. We will not begin repairs until we get your consent.


We are proud of our fast turnaround time. Contrary, each direct repair can be received within a few hours.

Competitive price

Compared with the real service center, assure you to save up to 70% of the cost. Importantly, there are no hidden fees. Compared with our competitors in Singapore, we offer the most competing prices.


We also give a pick-up service for the PC and laptop. We will offer office or home maintenance services at your convenience.

Assured flexibility

We do not charge for testing. Though, if we are unable to resolve the issue, we will not charge you anything.

We Are Your Digital Hospital for Computer and Laptop Repairing

CBLtech have professionals or experts in custom software development with quality IT services, products, and custom end-to-end solutions to enterprise clients. Further, we receive competitive benefits from these notable capabilities and have created the capability to implement and handle complicated IT solutions in changing times with more effectiveness than other competitors.

CBL Tech Services are fully committed to Transparency, Quality Service, Client Satisfaction, and a Customer-oriented Approach. Thus, we offer customer-destined web services and specifically, provide them 100% efficiently. If you are a small business owner or have a big organization, we are here to assist you in improving the online presence and assure business success.

Holding many years of experience in Singapore for laptop repairs, you can trust us with the previous device. Nonetheless, the policy is that when there are still problems with your laptop or computer repairs we will not receive payment.

If you go through the customer reviews, you will understand that we are also a leader in PC or laptop Singapore hard drive data recovery. If the water causes any damage to the device, then contact us before or after working hours. We have many years of experience in data recovery for this type of laptop or computer repair.