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Asus Support in Singapore

Do you need help in recovering your data from the Asus laptop? Then, the best thing is to visit the leading provider of expert data recovery services to repair the services. CBL Tech as the leading name in this industry, assures to solve the issues related to hardware or software. Undoubtedly, our experienced technicians have extensive experience in recovering data. With years of experience in the data recovery industry, we are here to recover the data securely and for providing Asus Support. Yes, any part of software installation or changes is done by us. CBL feels it provides quality services, the greatest support, and fulfills your needs. We provide warranty services and after-sales support to our customers.


These days, laptops or computers have become an essential part of work or life. You may notice two sets of computers on the market, namely Macintosh computers running the Mac operating system and Windows computers running the Windows operating system. ASUS is a famous brand of Windows computers. ASUS laptops are known for their user-friendly functions, design, and safety.

Many people who use ASUS laptops claims that they have to go through file deletion or loss of critical files in the laptop. Losing valuable data can be catastrophic for us. For any reason, data may be accidentally deleted or lost at any time. If you have an ASUS laptop and you don’t know how to recover erased files, then you will get the solution here on this page. Now, you do not have to spend your time on the internet to know the recovery process of deleted files.


When an ASUS laptop hard drive fails, it could be because of a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is vital that a professional laptop data recovery expert correctly diagnoses the failure. Also, the retrieval of the information on the laptop drive is possible easily. Noticeably, many signs are there that your laptop hard drive may be about to fail, such as; a blue crashing screen, grinding or clicking sounds, and hard drive or lower performance not being noticed when the laptop starts.

If any of these symptoms occur, the best measure is to turn on the laptop and contact a professional data recovery service. Also, turn on the computer immediately after encountering the warning signal, which can increase the chance of complete data recovery.

All About ASUS Warranty

ASUS does not hold any warranty to the error-free or uninterrupted operation of any product. This only includes the technical hardware problems in the warranty period and in the general use conditions. Moreover, it is not for the software issues or the damages caused by the customers or the conditions as mentioned below:

  • The product is tampered with, or repaired, or/and modified by the non-authorized personnel.
  • The serial number of the accessories or components or products has been removed, canceled, or altered.
  • The warranty seals have been altered or broken.
  • Obsolescence.

Warranty is not possible in the below cases as well:

  • Damage (accidental, etc.) to the product that does not influence the product functions or operation, like, change in color, without limitation to rust, gradual deterioration, wear and tear, finish, or texture.
  • The laptop can experience the damage to the products from the accident, fire, terrorism, war, accidental or intentional misuse, natural disaster, improper or neglect maintenance, and use in abnormal circumstances.
  • Damage to the Asus products from the malfunction or improper connection, improper installation of a peripheral device like USB device, network card, optical drive, and printer, so on.
  • The external electrical issues or any other accident can also cause damage to the product .
  • Damage to the product from the use outside of the storage parameters, operation, and environment described in the Users Manual.
  • Damage to the products from the virus or third party software or there is a data loss or software loss that might happen in the replacement or repair.
  • Unusability because of the loss or forgotten security passwords;
  • Damage to or Unusability of the product from the contamination with the
  • dangerous diseases, radiation, vermin, or substances.
  • Theft, fraud, willful act, or unexplained disappearance.
  • Damage or Unusability damage to the product by installing and using the unlock device app, that is a utility that unlocks the product’s boot loader however will administer the products’ warranty void and null.

Services by ASUS Support Singapore

Repair Service

ASUS Singapore is a technology-oriented service provider that provides different types of accessories, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. CBL tech provides every needed after-sales services from the experts or specialists, etc. Though, we provide support from the certified or skilled technicians and provide all required maintenance services.

Mobile Phone Service

CBL tech offers the possible assistance of technical or hardware issues. We also provide assistance for every model of smartphone. The services provided are; replacement of the accessories installation, replacement of keypads, touchpads, screens, and battery.

Laptop Repair

We are proud to provide laptop or computer services such as motherboard, battery or broken screen replacement, etc. In fact, the customers even take services for the driver installation, overheating, water damage, and so on.


We as a service provider offer different IT components which include, Optical Drives, Sound Cards, Power Supply Units, Cooling, Gaming Case, Graphics Cards, Motherboards, etc.

Computer Accessories

The customers can experience getting certain computer accessories from the service locations. The accessories collection integrates mouse and mic pads, audio and headsets, chargers, and adapters.


CBLtech for ASUS support provides replacement and repair services for gaming PCs, tower PCs, monitors, and projects, etc.


so, are you Searching for Asus Support for Data Recovery Services, Asus Hard Drive, Asus MicroSD Card Recovery, and Asus SD Card Recovery in Singapore?

CBLTech is a Singapore data recovery service provider that gives professional data recovery for configuration/logical/mechanical/physical failures/electronics, etc. however, data is the basic building block in homes and enterprises which stores important information and valuable school project work/family photos. Usually, the data system fails when we expect it to the least.

CBL Data Recovery is here to recover the videos/photographs/documents/files/data from the models/brand and the storage devices and the interface type. Approach Us today for your Asus data recovery needs.

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