Tape Recovery Services

Tape Recovery Services

Is your tape not recognizing your media anymore? Is it generating error messages? Or is it only partially readable? If, in any case, your stored data got corrupted, damaged, or deleted, then reach out to CBL Data Recovery – an established and reputed Data Recovery Service Provider for your Hard Disk Data Recovery in Singapore .

Securing a copy of the tape cartridge is a critical part of the procedure, particularly if the tape is worn or damaged. Our tape recovery specialists have the skills and expertise to inspect your tape before reading it methodically. Once our recovery experts are done with analyzing, only then they perform a low-level read to generate a working copy of your data. We always make sure that no data loss services or recovery processes are performed on the original piece of media. We rely on this policy so that your confidential data is never compromised in any way.

CBL Data Recovery can recover data from all major tape types and formats. As the leader in data recovery services from tape media, CBL engineers have completed more tape recovery cases than any other data recovery organization. If you require data recovered from a tape cartridge, regardless of its type, age, or format, contact us. After the evaluation is complete, our customer care executives will contact you to inform you about the results.

Every day CBL offers efficient response services in Singapore and completes more LTO data recovery, DLT data recovery, and other tape data recovery cases than any other facility. We retrieve tapes experiencing a wide range of failures, including:

  • Accidentally erased or over-written data cartridges
  • Broken or de-spooled backup tapes
  • Damaged tape header or misalignment of drive heads
  • Water, smoke, or fire damaged media
  • Corrupted files due to electrical or mechanical failure
  • Failed backup systems and tape libraries
  • Accidental file deletions and human error
  • Bent or physically damaged tapes
  • Software corruption
  • Tape configuration or setup problems

You will receive a quotation instantly if data recovery is possible. You will be informed by an email or fax after you approve it.

Data Tape Recovery Services for All Formats

Your enterprise needs digital tape backups to protect key systems. While most tape formats offer long-term reliability, they are prone to some technical glitches. If the backup of the tape fails, you need a data recovery firm that uses skilled professionals, the latest technologies, and substantial experience to treat your data loss case very efficiently. You also get another recovery, such as CCTV Data recovery.

CBL Data Recovery offers you fixes for data losses such as tape recovery for hundreds of modern and legacy cartridges that include AIT, DAT, DDS, LTO, AIT/S-AIT, DLT/SDLT, and all IBM formats. Whatever are the reasons for the damage of your storage tapes, such as improper storage conditions, hardware faults, and accidental overwrites, etc., we are here to offer you recovery services within a few days.

Features of tape data recovery services at CBL Data Recovery

Reliable Data Security Practices – CBL abides by all the information security regulations. So, your media and your data both will be ensured security at all costs. You can also get recovery services on intricate devices such as iPhone Data Recovery.

Better Technology – With our state-of-the-art, best-class clean room and hardware, CBL Data Recovery offers successful recovery results for all tape formats.

Tape Specialists with Experience and Skills – We acknowledge the challenges that are dealt with while working with these delicate storage tape media, not to mention that each case requires complete attention from the dedicated tape specialists.

Advanced Service Options –These services include emergency services that give you the flexibility needed to restore essential systems after any logical or physical fault. We are available for emergency services – 24×7 and 365 days/year.

There are several reasons for which data tapes can’t be read. And, to create a recovery plan for your data loss, we carry out an in-lab evaluation. We will provide a price quotation after analyzing what the faults found in your tape are and what type of services it requires to get fixed. So, before we perform tape data recovery, we like to ask for your approval. And, as soon as we get your approval, we plan ahead so that your case moves forward. For every tape format, CBL Data Recovery  provides quick turnarounds. And this is how we return your recovered tape cartridges, files on hard drives, or any other type of device.

Also, there are some tapes that can take on extra damage leading to failure, so you should seek professional assistance whenever you face the data loss. CBL Data Recovery gives you the solutions that you need for instant assistance and results. We are all aboard to start work on your case towards any recovery service, including SAS Data Recovery.

Taking Precautionary Measures: Advantages of Tape Backups

Tape backups have played a vital role in data storage since the 1970s, but this is the age of digital science, and hence, we have started using cloud computing. Tape back-up has been overshadowed with new technologies. However, these tapes are still used in many businesses as a long-term back-up. Many of our customers ask about the advantages of tape storage units.

Easy Storage – This is the most prominent feature of tape storage units. Most of the tape formats provide you with large storage capacity, that too, in a relatively small physical package. Cartridges such as LTO-6 offer the enterprise an easy way to create a back-up of all their data without devoting much room to the server hardware.

Dependability —If we particularly talk about the susceptibility of tape cartridges to electronic or physical damage, they are not that prone to such factors. They safely store data for years and even decades without suffering from problematic media corruption. However, you are required to protect tapes from extreme humidity and temperatures.

Low Overall Costs — When it comes to cost-effectiveness, they cost less in terms of electricity and administration. Storage media is also fairly affordable and lasts for the long term. Therefore, avail yourself of our response services in Singapore now.

Simple Replication — Big-scale businesses can easily make physical copies of any critical tape backups. There are many formats that are known to offer advanced encrypting features for improved security that help in enhancing the utility of each individual backup.

This age of cloud computing, tape storage devices are still a great option for backing up the data into small physical packages. While tapes have many noteworthy advantages over the other media, many businesses discover that disk-based and cloud-based storage are both important in the same direction but differently. But here is the advantage that disk-based storage devices serve, i.e., they are significantly faster when it comes to accessing specific files.

LTO, DLT Data Recovery, Tape Cartridge and Libraries

Once your media is received by CBL, it is immediately logged into our tape recovery service system. At this point, you will receive a call from your CBL customer care professional who will confirm receipt and gather further information to help guide the CBL laboratory engineer. The tape is then quickly sent into the laboratory for evaluation. Our experienced tape recovery service specialists will thoroughly examine your tape for damage before any attempt is made to read the data. So, avail yourself of our priceless recovery services, i.e., Hard Disk Data Recovery in Singapore.

Our Tape Recovery & Data Loss Service Options:

With tape recoveries, there are 2 different service options you can choose from. There is a nominal setup cost for tapes that are sent for recovery or conversion. These vary depending on the type of tape and situation.

If you require a special weekend service, please contact us so that our client care team can make arrangements, as charges can vary. In the case of an unrecoverable project, the only charge to you is that of the initial setup charge and shipping costs.

To begin the process of recovering your tape media, please fill out our evaluation request form. You can always call us toll-free to speak with a client care professional to get everything set up and a project ID number.

CBL Data Recovery—the Pro in the Data Recovery Game

We are highly specialized in dealing with the recovery process of all types of tape media formats such as LTO, DLT, and S-AIT. We can safely store tapes for at least 30 years or more. We can make them fairly sturdy against logical failure if only they do not suffer physical loss. And, if the backup is not available, your enterprise can suffer a great loss. Hence, such situations demand a tape data recovery service , which you can easily get from CBL Data Recovery Service Centers.

Tape Data Recovery Services offered by CBL Data Recovery is one of a kind. We only believe in providing the top-class solutions for every data loss issue, be it due to any reason such as formatting of the media, data deletion, or any other possible data loss reason in your tape media devices.

We perform LTO Tape Recovery, DLT Tape Recovery, Tape Recovery, DAT Tape Recovery, DDS Tape Recovery, QIC Tapes Recovery, VXA Tapes Recovery, SAIT Tape Recovery, and many more!

In our experience, data tapes offer dependable, flexible functionality, along with several significant limitations.