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CBL Data Recovery (S) Pte Ltd. is a leading provider of expert data recovery services in Singapore and throughout the world. The only company providing data recovery services in Singapore that makes it a priority to recover data as quickly and cost-effectively as possible for our customers. Whether the loss of data is caused by mechanical or electrical failure, virus infection, system malfunction, human error, water, fire, smoke damage, or file corruption. CBL Data Recovery Singapore has uniquely talented people and resources in-house to solve the problem.

CBL was established in 1993 as a hard drive repair facility for distributors and Original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Two years later, data recovery services accounted for the majority of revenue growth. CBL Technologies was renamed CBL Data Recovery at the end of 1995. CBL has the knowledge and resources to quickly identify hard drive failures and implement a successful data recovery services solution, with over 27 years of data recovery service experience and more than 140,000 completed recovery cases.data recovery services

CBL keeps an active and growing parts inventory of over 30,000 hard drives on hand to help with data recovery cases on a daily basis. Furthermore, CBL has established a relationship with a network of international storage providers through which it can source components from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to CBL labs overnight.

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Data Recovery Singapore Services

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Our skilled technicians at CBL Data Recovery Singapore will thoroughly examine the drive for data before repairing or replacing any damaged components. It also depends on whether you have tried using data recovery software before. The complexity of the each hard disk data recovery case will vary depending on the severity of the damage to your hard disk drive. You can usually expect your Hard Disk Drive to be ready in 1-3 days, and more complex ones in 2 weeks.

SSD Data Recovery

We can recover data from both Solid State Drives (SSDs) and SATA Drives. If your computer or SSD drive starts to fail, you should call our CBL Data Recovery Singapore Hotline right away so that we can figure out what’s wrong with your SSD and get the data from the damaged sectors.

Laptop, Notebook & Tablet PC Data Recovery.

Since 2004, CBL Data Recovery Singapore been offering Laptop Data Recovery Services. We have been able to get data back from Mac, Windows, Linux, and other kinds of laptops. Our team of passionate, highly skilled Data Recovery experts at CBL knows how to get data back from almost every kind of laptop, notebook, and tablet PC.

RAID Data Recovery

We can get back any important business data from hardware and software RAID arrays that have failed, no matter what level, file system, or operating system they are on. CBL Data Recovery Singapore offers a wide range of services, such as free, 24-hour emergency evaluations with results that are guaranteed. We have found amazing solutions to some of the most complicated RAID Server data loss problems.

Tape Data Recovery

CBL Data Recovery Singapore offers services for hundreds of new and old cartridges, such as AIT/S-AI T, DDS, DTA, LTO, DLTI, and all IBM formats. This means that your tape data can be recovered and restored within a few days, even if the Tape media has been damaged by bad handling, hardware problems, accidental overwrites, and other things.

USB & Portable Flash Data Recovery

CBL Data Recovery Singapore is an expert at getting data back from both USB devices and portable flash data media. We are set up to safely recover all kinds of flash media, like the ones in cameras, cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

Forensic Data Recovery

CBL Data Recovery Singapore Forensic Data Recovery Services can help find lost files, photos, and even documents that have been deleted. They can also get your important information back from hard drives, memory cards, USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, and any other legal storage device.

Ransomware Recovery

CBL Data Recovery Singapore specializes in assisting people in recovering their files after they have been encrypted without their knowledge. Our Ransomware Recovery Services provide varying levels of service, ranging from recommended protection software to fully protected managed solutions.

CBL Data Recovery Singapore is the foremost authority in the business of retrieving lost or deleted information from any type of media-storing device, be it a personal computer, a Macbook, a camera, or even a large-scale RAID array server. As a result of our 27 years of industry experience, we are frequently consulted by national media outlets regarding industry trends, security issues, and preparedness for disaster recovery.

Excerpt From An IDC Featured Opinion Piece On CBL Data Recovery

“The proliferation of storage and the increasingly strategic nature of data, coupled with fragility of storage hardware present a dangerous combination. Plus, a majority of enterprises don’t have a reliable or consistent disaster recovery plan just in case something goes wrong. As a result, IDC believes that there is significant and growing demand for data recovery services. CBL Data Recovery, a worldwide player in the data recovery market, is well positioned to capture an increasing share in this growth market due to its experience, global presence, skilled workforce and its focus on innovation.”
Alan Freedman & Rob Colraine, IDC Corporation

CBL Data Recovery Singapore Commitment To You

In our dedication to offer you world-class data recovery solutions, CBL Data Recovery Singapore staff looks to meet objectives with every recovery project. These are the few below :

  1. Exceed each customer’s expectations in retrieving his or her valued data.
  2. Meet or better our time commitments for every data recovery project.
  3. No flat rate fees and no hidden fees.
  4. Have every CBL employee understand that the satisfaction of our customers is his or her individual responsibility and duty.

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CBL has built a solid reputation not only for the high-quality data recovery services we provide but also for the unparalleled support we provide to our customers as a direct result of the company’s consistent success in meeting these objectives. This reputation is based on the fact that CBL offers unparalleled support to its customers.