Why Hard Drive Beeping Happens & Can Be Fixed ?

Why Hard Drive Beeping Happens & Can Be Fixed ?

Is your hard drive beeps and doesn’t start?

This is one of the common symptoms of problems with the hard drive. But at the same time, it’s a symptom that doesn’t uniquely determine the nature of the problem.

So, when you hear that your hard drive has started to make beeping sounds, whether it’s external or internal. It can be as simple as a problem with a lack of power that you can solve on your own or a serious mechanical problem that you can solve. The other effective solution is to hire professionals who aren’t proficient in hard drive recovery services but also repair it if any damage occurs. Even free data recovery software provides relaxation if any data loss problem occurs due to any reason.

Let’s consider all the possible options and ways to solve the problems in which your disk “began to beep”.

Why Hard Drive Beeps and How to Fix It?

  • Lack of Power

One of the simplest problems can be a lack of power supplied to the electronics board to start the drive motor. This can often be seen on external hard drives where the adapter from the drive interface to other interfaces like USB, has failed. 

Solution: The solution is quite simple. You need to check the drive at different outputs and different connecting wires. If the situation hasn’t changed, the adapter will need to be replaced. You can find an adapter from the same drive, or by purchasing an external HDD case, remove the device from the faulty “box” and mount it in a new one. Usually, these actions are intuitive and don’t require much effort from the user.

So, if the hard drive beeps, you shouldn’t sound the alarm right away. So, check if enough power is supplied to the board.

  • Sticky Magnetic Heads

The next problem due to which the hard drive beeps when connected to power can be sticking of the magnetic heads. This malfunction is considered mechanical and can usually occur in two cases:

  • The physical impact both in the on and off state.
  • Emergency power off while the hard disk is playing any process (Such as saving or reading documents, listening to music, watching a movie).

This was due to the fact that the parking area for the read-heads is located behind the surface of the magnetic plates. In recent years, this malfunction has begun to appear on HDDs of a larger form factor. This is due to the fact that a remote parking zone began to be made on disks of this dimension. Previously, most 3.5-inch HDDs had a parking area right next to the spindle. 

Solution: The solution to such a malfunction – accurate removal of the heads from the surface and reading the necessary information using special equipment. It happens because a block of magnetic heads after their output can’t read user information. Hence, the entire block needs to be replaced with the selection of spare parts and subsequent subtraction on special equipment. This situation most often occurs when sticking after physical impact.

  • Engine Wedge

Next in complexity is the so-called “engine wedge”. In most cases, a sufficiently strong physical impact such as a fall from a great height leads to such a malfunction. It’s often found on large-volume 3.5-inch drives. Also, a similar malfunction at different times could be observed with 2.5-inch HDDs due to the peculiarities of assembly and fastening of the motor to the memory device.

Solution: There can be several solutions to problems. It includes constant spot heating of the engine location area, wedging with a special tool in the opened state with a slight misalignment of the spindle to transferring all plates with exact observance of the order and alignment relative to each other into an identical “jar”.

Hire CBL Tech Professionals

If the hard drive beeps and isn’t detected, it’s time to hire professionals of data recovery in Singapore. So, whether you don’t have the appropriate skills in data recovery or the information on the media is extremely important for you, we can always help and extract the necessary data, no matter what the problem may be.