How To Recover Data from Desktop Computer

How To Recover Data from Desktop Computer

During these advanced technology times, people increasingly trust electronic devices like desktop computers or laptops for storing information, such as text files, photographs, audio and video recordings, personal and business correspondence. All this is often stored on the hard drive of a computer or laptop. 

If they are accidentally deleted or lost due to operating system failure or malware attacks, you will fall at the risk of losing important data forever.

Especially if you have not developed the habit of saving files on removable media or periodically making backups of the information available on your PC. 

Yes, the computer data recovery option can get rid of this problem. However, this might cost you money. In this write-up, we will look at different ways to quickly and efficiently recover deleted files on a desktop computer.

Methods to Recover Data From Desktop Computer

Recover Deleted Data From the Recycle Bin

One of the effective methods you can try for recovering deleted data is to use the “Recycle Bin”. Every time, when a user deletes files, the data automatically shifts to the Recycle Bin.

These files will remain there until the space in it is full, and the old files are not overwritten with new ones, or until the user manually empties the “Recycle Bin”. 

If you have yet not deleted the data from the “Recycle Bin”, the following steps will allow you to get the deleted data back to your computer.

  • Double click on the “Recycle Bin”.” icon on the desktop of your computer/laptop. The icon visually represents the image of a trash can with a recycling icon, full of crumpled paper or empty.
  • In the window that opens, select the files you need to recover. There is also an option “Restore all items” on the top panel of the window.
  • Right-click and select the “Restore” option. The files will be moved to their previous location.

The obvious advantage of using this method is that there is no need to download and install third-party applications.  The effectiveness of such recovery is very limited because this method will only recover those files that are deleted accidentally.

Restore Deleted Files Using Data Recovery Software

Across the world, there are many data recovery programs for restoring files on a computer. It doesn’t matter what the actual reason for losing data is. Whether it was related to accidental deletion, formatting, or hard drive crash, you can easily restore data through recovery programs.

Such software assists in recovering numerous file types from your desktop hard drive, including videos, photos, office documents, emails, and other information.

The program is suitable for any kind of situation that can lead to data loss whether it’s related to a power outage, processor failure, or a software error. The utility will delight both Windows and Mac users by returning all the necessary data to their computers in just a few minutes. 

CBL Tech – One Stop Solution

There can be a large number of reasons for data loss, including accidental deletion, virus attack, and much more. However, the recovery of valuable data is still possible. We have discussed some recovery methods above in our above article. 

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