How To Fix External Drives That Are Not Working?

How To Fix External Drives That Are Not Working?

External storage is a magnetic hard drive or a solid-state storage device that you connect to your computer externally. Hard drives are prone to various issues and failures due to inaccurate use, outdated drives, facilitated with incompatible software, frequent connection to different devices or unsafe ejection.

The other reasons for several problems are – partition issues, using the wrong file system, dead USB ports, or driver issues in Windows. 

Hence, the operating system fails to recognize the portable external storage devices. As a result, you might not be able to access existing data or save new information. This is where data recovery becomes essential without harming or losing your data. 

So, how to fix external drives if your computer fails to recognize or not work due to the above-mentioned reasons?

Let’s find out!

Why Does External Hard Drive Fail to Recognize the Windows?

As discussed above, external hard drive failures can occur due to software and hardware-related problems. As a result, computers and laptops fail to read the information available on an external storage device. There are several fixing solutions that you should try to resolve issues related to data loss.

Even hiring data recovery professionals is also considered a suitable option for retrieving data from a dead hard drive. However, before jumping to the solutions, it’s essential to know the major reasons for data loss. Here are the following!

  • Issues with making a physical connection between drive and PC.
  • USB power management problems.
  • Unformatted hard drives or is formatted with an unrecognizable file system.
  • Missing or outdated device drivers.

So, it’s recommended that – run the Windows Hardware and Device Troubleshooter utility before fixing the issues. Click on the Start menu and search for the Windows Settings Troubleshooter page. It might assist in resolving the issues occurring with your HDD.

These solutions will diagnose the storage device connected to your PC to identify issues. This troubleshooting process might strive to resolve issues automatically. 

Actions to Perform for Fixing External Drives Issues

  • Examine the Drive is Plugged into Your PC

Maybe you plugged the drive into your drive, but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily obtaining the required power for accessing external storage. That is why while connecting a large and high-capacity external hard drive, make sure it’s plugged into a power outlet.

In other scenarios, maybe you’re trying to connect it with the wrong type of USB cable or the cable may be broken. So, try to change the data cable. And if both power and USB cable is in good working condition, it’s time to check whether the drive is spinning or not.

  • Update Your Drivers

Sometimes, due to outdated drives, Windows fails to recognize the hard drives. For resolving this problem, go to Start>Device Manager>press Enter once options appear. Now, expand the Disk Drives menu and the Universal Serial Bus menu to determine – do external drive lists in either set?

If the drive displays with a yellow exclamation mark, right-click and select Properties. If an error code appears, head to the Driver tab and update the drivers. Additionally, you can download drivers from the drive manufacturer’s website. 

  • Format and Create a New Partition in Disk Management

If your drive is new and unused, the computer or laptop may not be able to detect your connected external hard drive. This happens because the drive has no partitions.

Ensure the drive is successfully recognized by the Windows Disk Management utility by clicking on the Start menu and typing diskmgmt.msc. After pressing Enter, if you’re able to find an external drive within the Disk Management tool window as unpartitioned or unallocated, all you need to do is to format it with the correct file system. 

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