How To Do Data Recovery From A Broken External Hard Drive?

How To Do Data Recovery From A Broken External Hard Drive?

External drives are a great option as they are portable and affordable. However, physical damage to drives can render them inoperable, resulting in the loss of all files on them. 

Broken external hard drive? Generally, there could be two main reasons for damages – logical and physical malfunctions.

Logical problems are often caused by erroneous user actions, such as accidentally deleting documents, photos and other information or unintentional formatting. A portable storage device is malfunctioning as a result of a virus in the file directory.  However, special software helps to recover deleted information in case of logical damage.

Physical components are damaged as a result of dropping media, water ingress, wear, overload, overheating, vibration. The main signs of damage are clicking sounds. Sometimes the magnetic heads move as a result of a shock, vibration, or shock even with a slight positioning failure, access to a certain block of information is lost. 

This is where data recovery is an essential step to take. But, how to recover deleted data from a damaged external hard drive?

Let’s find out!

Tips to Recover Data From Damaged External Hard Drive

Let Your OS Recognize the Device

Before restoring deleted data on an external medium, you need to take care of their safety. To do this, it’s worth cancelling all operations for transferring to the information storage device and turning it off. Here are the following things you can do before proceeding to the recovery process: 

  • Check all connections.
  • Attach the derive to a different USB port.
  • Buy a new cable.
  • Make sure the device is plugged in and getting the proper power supply.
  • Automatically keep device drivers updated.
  • Try to attach the device to another computer.

If there are no signs of serious damage, you can try to connect the media to a device with the same OS. Even connecting the device to another cable is also a reliable solution. Such actions will eliminate the possibility of software errors. If the situation hasn’t changed, this means your HDD is really broken and needs to be restored. You can ask for help in our laboratory.

Get Data Back Through Data Recovery Software

In some cases, the possibility of recovering data becomes difficult. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand that logical problems often result in a complete loss of all data. Many professional hard drive recovery service providers prefer to restore data through special tools and software so that you accidentally overwrite it. These programs are equipped with amazing features that thoroughly scan files and store them in a virtual disk to recover your deleted data. By selecting a safe and secure storage location, you can move the necessary data to save them.

Turn to Professional Data Recovery Technicians

How to recover information from an external hard drive if it is physically damaged? Without the necessary equipment and work experience, it won’t be possible to repair the media. This is where it’s recommended to send the device to a repair service centre for diagnostics and recovery.

CBL Data Recovery doesn’t only have competent specialists with experience in recovering information from media, but they’re also equipped with all the necessary professional equipment and spare parts to bring the hard drive back to life. Since the carrier components are sensitive to contamination, repairs are carried out in a sterile environment where filters remove even the smallest dust particles. The air in the so-called clean room is 99.97% pure.

Contact CBL Tech For Recovery Process

Have you decided to restore files on a damaged hard drive? The specialists of our store create a copy of all contents and write it to another medium. We use modern hardware and software devices to protect data from losing it permanently. Additionally, we keep the complete information confidential. Our IT support experts will perform a comprehensive diagnostic and apply the suitable method to restore data from a broken external hard drive. The price of recovering files from a disk depends on the cause that caused the problem and the amount of work performed.