What is the Importance of Hard Disk Sanitization and Cloning?

Hard disk sanitization permanently erases data from your hard disk drive, particularly when the stored data and information is confidential. Some instances make the process of hard disk sanitization a necessity.

However, the awareness of hard disk sanitization is on the rise, and many countries have now set up recognized standards for it. When you sell, donate or dispose of internal or external hard disk, then hard disk sanitization holds great importance. And, even though it has such significance, there are still enterprises and individuals who are unaware of it.

The most obvious reason is— if the hard disk sanitization process is not employed, then your competitors or the ones with bad intentions can harm you any day by extracting data from your sold, donated, returned, or disposed of Hard Drive. And they can use it for that information for their selfish purpose. Here is all you need to know about hard disk sanitization in the section below:

All That You Need To Know About Hard Disk Sanitization

When we are to sell, donate, or dispose of a hard disk, and we want to permanently delete our data so that it cannot be used for lousy intentions or be overwritten, then we use the hard disk sanitization process. For this process, several data erasure methods include advanced algorithms developed according to standards set up in different countries. The hard disk sanitization process becomes crucial when you sell, return, donate, reuse, or dispose of your hard disk. Here are some reasons for it:

  • Your private, personal, and confidential information might be at risk. Individuals/enterprises with egotistic means always look out to harm you in some way or other. So, if you do not engage the sanitization process, they may extract your private/sensitive data from your hard disk, and then they might use it for their advantage or can malign your reputation.
  • Next, your organization or institution might be at a significant risk of losing valuable information to unauthorized users. It is because they could recover the data by using relevant recovery software or data recovery services for lost data, i.e., shift-deleted, or formatted data.
  • There are specific legal obligations set up by several countries that are to be followed by every organization. They are told to always abide by those norms to maintain work culture and task-flow. Every organization, be it private or government, must still comply with international laws such as GLBA, HIPPA, and SOX to protect their organization from a data breach.
  • Merely deleting data by simultaneously pressing the delete or Shift + Delete key is an unsafe method of data deletion. It is because, even if you remove the data, it stays there as a compressed file in the file system of the hard disk. And where this link to the stored data is lost that data remains on the drive.
  • Formatting also does not remove the data entirely from the hard drive permanently. It is just a temporary solution for data deletion.

These reasons are more than enough for you to adopt the hard disk sanitization method for permanent deletion.

Note – There is a situation—‘Data Remanence’ wherein data remains even after formatting/erasing the hard disk drive. So, to handle ‘data remanence’ issue in the hard drives, the hard disk sanitization process employment turns out to be a necessity.

Hard Disk Sanitization by CBLTech Data Recovery Services:

CBL Tech Data Recovery services offers some services like disk wiping and disk degaussing services which are the part of Hard Disk sanitization process, explained below:

Disk Wiping – Thorough data erasure for all sensitive, critical, confidential, or classified data.

Disk Degaussing – Another process for total data erasure of all your data and disk disposal at the end of the hard disk life cycle.

Associated Advantages of Hard Disk Sanitization

There are several advantages allied with CBLTech hard disk sanitization services:

  • It prevents the seepage of clients’ data, classified information of the organizations, and financial data.
  • It also offers you expert services that abide by SOX, HIPAA, and the GLB Act for the disposal, reuse, and accountability of the hard drive.
  • Promises data protection from theft and improper destruction of your hard drive.
  • It forestalls loss of money and hidden costs due to the improper dumping of your personal or professional hard drive.
  • It saves enough resources, time, and other resources that are required to destroy the media device or to overwrite the existing data.

The Way Forward:

While there are so many options in the market these days that offer hard disk sanitization services, yet CBLTech stands apart as it offers many mentioned-above advantages. Prominently, it sticks to every international standard and regulation. This piece of writing educates you on how hard disk sanitization is done to permanently erase data from your hard disk drive, particularly when the stored data and information is confidential. Some instances make the process of hard disk sanitization a necessity.

Data Loss Prevention by these 5 Free and Reliable Cloning Tools

There are going to be certain instances where you would need to recover your data post deletion disaster. Either you will face a hard drive failure, or all your valuable data will be lost by accidental deletion. There may be instances where your machine refuses to reboot. And, when this happens, you tend to think the situation would have been a lot easier if you had a disk image.

Even if many people have had this thought before the loss, there must have been other limitations that would have prevented imaging your hard disk. One of the significant factors is the budget!

So, if you are the one who wants to create the image of the hard disk to prevent yourself from the data loss issues and is bothered by budget, then here are five tools that offer you free and reliable cloning of your hard disk.

These apps are pretty powerful, even more than paid ones. Some offer a bit-to-bit copy, while others can create a full ISO of your running system. Some are Windows-specific, some are platform-independent. But, in the end, all that matters is that you will have a copy of crucial data if you don’t have time and resources for the backup.

1: Clonezilla

Clonezilla is one of the best cloning tools. This tool’s particular take on the cloning process is like a bootable Linux distribution that does bit-by-bit copying, and it supports many file systems. There is multicast support and multicast support built-in. There are also beliefs that Clonezilla might be the only disk copy tool available that is free and the most powerful. And, if you are looking out to copy multiple machines fast at the same time, Clonezilla SE is powerful enough to clone 40 devices at a time. Though, some users might find it challenging as it assures a cursor-based interface.

2: Macrium Reflect Free Edition

Macrium Reflect Free Edition promotes itself as one of the most powerful and the fastest disk cloning utilities available amongst all the tools. The only drawback here is that Macrium Reflect Free Edition supports only Windows file systems. But the best part is it doesn’t have such a complicated user interface as Clonezilla. This software does the disk imaging/cloning that allows you to access the images from the file manager. It creates a Linux rescue CD and is very much compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

3: DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML creates an image by using Microsoft VSS, and it does its job with complete reliability. This feature is less likely to be expected from a tool that doesn’t tag along with a price. With DriveImage XML, you are also able to create “hot” images from a disk that is already in use. Then, those images are stored in XML files, so that you can access them anywhere anytime from a supporting third-party software. This software has an ability to restore an image to a machine, that too without having to reboot. DriveImage XML software is platform-dependent software and runs efficiently on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista, and 7.

4: Runtime Live CD

With Runtime Live CD, you are allowed to boot most desktops into a Knoppix-based Linux distribution. It is a situation where you have access to plenty of tools to help you back up data and clone drives. Tools available include-GetDataBack Pro, Captain Nemo Pro, DiskExplorer, NAS Data Recovery, RAID Recovery for Windows, Disk Digger, dd, DriveImage XML, and more. You should have everything necessary to run a successful backup or clone.

5: Paragon Backup & Recovery Free

Paragon Backup & Recovery Free is also platform dependent software that is designed for Windows-based machines only. It does an amazing job while handling the scheduled imaging. This free version is based on a pro version that is very powerful but can be used for personal use only. However, this is the most recommended free version to try out that is available in the market. And, if it fits your budget, you should pay for the full pro version or the server version.

Note: Paragon is powerful software that supports backup and recovery software titles that are already labeled as Windows 8 ready.