The Unique Features In An iPhone 11 make it The Finest Catch. But Is It Bug-Free Too?

It is a rare occurrence in history that an Apple product got significantly better from one generation to the next, and that too at a lower price. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the latest innovation by the Apple Company. The iPhone 11 is uniquely designed with a much better camera than the iPhone XR. Thanks to a new ultra-wide lens and a new Night Mode for better low-light performance, iPhone 11 represents a big leap forward for photography. Not only the impressive camera, but the immense improvement in battery life is worth every appreciation.

The new iPhone caught everyone by surprise as it brings more advanced technology as compared to the iPhone XR, yet offers all the scintillating features for less than the iPhone XR cost. Combining a large 6.1-inch display with a premium-feeling body, it comes in an array of colors. Among all the tantalizing features of the new find, the most eye-catching one is its imaging capabilities. You can now take wider-angle snaps alongside the ‘normal’ main images. Both the sensors being 12 MP each, they are raised from the rear of the phone in a square glass enclosure. You are sure to fall in love with the fantastic handset.

Comparison between iPhone 11 VS iPhone Pro VS iPhone Pro Max

Even if we enlist all the differences between the iPhone and iPhone Pro models, the display, the camera, the battery, a little extra water resistance, and a better charger are all the differences you are going to get. We are not insinuating that you should not spend the extra money on the Pro models. All we are saying is that you ought to know what you are getting for your money. Let us find out how the three phones stack up.

Distinguishing between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro based on the design

While designing the iPhone 11 Apple did not deviate too much from the formula presented in the iPhone XS and XR. This directs us to the fact that the iPhone 11 is sandwiched between the new Pros, despite costing significantly less. Their distinct measurements go like:

  • iPhone 11 Pro- 71.4 X 150.9 X 8.3 mm

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: 71.4 X 144 X 8.1 mm

  • iPhone 11: 75.7 X 150. 9 X 8.3 mm

With a notched display and an all-glass back with a new square camera array, all the three phones share the same aesthetics. The 11 has aluminum sides, while the 11 Pros are known to feature stainless steel sides. The iPhone 11 has the same square camera bump as the Pro.

Distinguishing between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro based on the Display

Unless you are a technical expert or immensely excellent at technology, you are sure to get confused between the three models of iPhone 11. All the models may look the same, but the iPhone 11 actually has a larger display than the iPhone 11 Pro. It is of low quality, though. If we talk more vividly, the two Pro models use superior OLED tech, while the iPhone 11 uses LCD tech.

Distinguishing between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro based on the performance


All the new phones introduced by Apple feature a new A13 bionic processor that emphasizes machine learning. With an advanced neural engine, machine learning accelerators, Core ML3, and the fastest GPU and CPU, the latest iPhones have an incredibly powerful chip. That chip is designed to power a laptop, not a phone. We must expect the same performance from all the three models of the iPhone 11.

Distinguishing between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro based on the front camera

All the three models are uniquely designed in such a way that they feature Apple’s TruDepth Camera with Face ID. The most exciting part is that it has gotten an upgrade over the 7MP lens in last year’s phones. Having the same 12 MP, t/2.2 aperture camera, and a brand new exciting feature, all the three models of the iPhone are identical when it comes to the front camera.

Distinguishing between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro based on the Rear cameras

Now, this is where Apple truly differentiates its two classes of iPhone; iPhone 11 Pro models feature the new triple-camera array while the dual-camera lens on the iPhone 11 is no slouch.

Distinguishing between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro based on the battery

We were a tad disappointed when the last year’s iPhone XR had a better battery life than the more expensive XS models. But Apple has made up for it this year. Though all the three models of iPhone 11 have received a capacity boost, iPhone 11 Pros are specifically beefier. All the models have wireless charging on board, as well as fast charging via a high power adaptor. There is a con for the iPhone 11 owners. Their phones come with the same 5W power adaptor.

Why should you prefer the iPhone 11 over other iPhone 11 models?

The iPhone 11 is the spiritual successor to last year’s iPhone XR, which was considered to be even bigger than its predecessor. The iPhone 11 is an incredible phone to choose from. And we are not just saying that because we are absolutely in love with the phone. Okay, we might be a little biased, but we have a plethora of reasons to prove that it is indeed the perfect choice for all the tech savvies out there. Without any further ado, let us plunge into the reasons for investing in an iPhone 11.

  • The iPhone 11 is significantly cheaper than the iPhone 11 Pro models

There is no surprise in the fact that the iPhone 11 is considerably less expensive than the other models of iPhone 11. Here is the price list of all the three models.

  1. iPhone 11 starts at $699

  2. iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999.

  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1099.

  • The iPhone 11 comes in more colors than the Pro models.

iPhone 11 comes in a plethora of colors – purple, yellow, green, black, white, and red – while the iPhone 11 Pro models come in just four colors: space gray, silver, gold, and midnight green.

  • The screen size of the iPhone 11 is ideal: not too big, not too small

    The 6.1-inch display on the iPhone 11 is the perfect screen size. Well, that is what we think. The Pro Max display is massive while the standard Pro is solid, but possibly a little small for most people.
  • The iPhone 11 doesn’t have an OLED screen like the “Pro” models, but it’s Liquid Retina display makes up for the lack of it.

The OLED screens featured in the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max produce deeper contrasts and more vibrant colors, while the LCD screen in the iPhone 11 can’t pull off the same effect. But the Liquid Retina Display is equally efficient in providing a high-quality picture and accurate colors. It is undoubtedly the best LCD screen on any smartphone.

  • The iPhone 11 is proved to have an incredible battery life.

The iPhone gets one more life as compared to its predecessor. And that is one added benefit of the iPhone 11.

Now that you are well-versed in the superiority of the iPhone 11, we need to throw some light on the common problems faced by iPhone 11 users. Because no matter how advanced the technology gets, there will always be some glitches or issues that are responsible for lagging the device.

Standard iPhone 11 Pro problems ardent users must know about

Do you wait endlessly for September to get your hands on the latest iPhone? It’s rightly said that when someone uses an Apple product, especially their smartphones, the chance of them switching to other models is less. The same is true for the newly launched iPhone 11. But does this mean the smartphone is error-free? Well, you wish. Like any other mechanical device, the recently launched product also experiences some mechanical and technical issues. Some of the common problems with the iPhone 11 include.

  • Wireless charging: Apple has received backlash from customers because of the dysfunctional wireless charging in the latest iPhone 11 models. Many users complain that after placing their smartphone over the QI wireless charger, although the phone is recognized, it won’t charge. Many customers believe that the issue surfaced because of installing various iterations of IOS 13.
  • Activation issues: iPhone 11 suffers from activation issues when you try to use the smartphone for the first time. If you have a problem with activating your smartphone, talk to the experts to prevent the problem from deteriorating.

  • Volume issues: Many users also complain about problems with the soundbox of the iPhone 11. If you suffer from such issues, you can try various DIY fixes. But, if the problem is severe, consult experts.

  • Overheating: Like any other tech device, the iPhone 11 also suffers overheating issues. There are also complains about the battery life of the newly launched Apple device.