Seagate and Western Digital’s Roadmap Call for 18 TB, 20 TB Drives in 2020

With the advancement in technology, storing data has become so easy and convenient. The coming of this fantastic innovation that goes by the name of hard drives has made storage of the data absolutely hassle-free. And when it comes to choosing the best hard drives for you, storage size is always an essential thing to consider. Talking about the size, Western Digital plans to launch a large capacity HDD, which has the possibility to reach up to 20 TB. The news is that it will take advantage of MAMR technology rather than HAMR technology.

Martin Fink, The Chief Technology Officer at Western Digital confirmed the news in a press release. He also added that each of the drive’s nine disks would have a capacity of about 2.22TB. There is not one company that has launched a hard drive this spacious. Seagate recently launched a 14TB drive. Western Digital produced Ultra Star Hard Drive recently. It is uniquely designed to utilize shingled magnetic recording (SMR) techniques. This enables tracks on a platter to overlap.

It isn’t just Western Digital who is about to release a 20 TB hard disk drive. Seagate is also testing new heat-assisted magnetic recording technology. Data bits can become smaller and more densely packed by heating the platters to temperatures up to 450 degrees,


A bit More About Large Capacity HDD up to 20 TB

If we talk about the current scenario, there is enormous pressure on the HDD among the storage market. This pressure is generally due to the fact that the price of the flash memory has deduced mainly, and the solid-state drive has excellent performance. No matter how much the competition arises, HDD is and would always remain indispensable in the storage market. It will always be the main force to store data in the future.

In 2019, people witnessed another opportunity for the HDD to upgrade the technology, which is the HAMR-heat-assisted magnetic recording technology. And, we also saw that Seagate launched 16 TB hard drives with the HAMR technology.

In 2019, Western Digital researched and developed the HDD, and it even made a sample of 16 TB HDD. It also released 16 TB and 18 TB HDDs. And 2020 is sure to witness the reality of 2o TB HDD.

In the investor conference, Western Digital had announced the future roadmap of HDD. WD is most likely to pay more attention to the new generation of energy-assisted magnetic recording technology in the coming years.

Seagate is not too behind as well

Seagate is all set to move from CMR to SMR for the 20 TB drive. SMR is most likely to increase the storage density of a drive-by, partly overlapping the magnetic tracks where the data is stored. This sure leaves the previous track narrower but allows more data to fit within the same platter. The drive is also expected to use the heat-assisted magnetic recording, which temporarily heats the disk material and will enable data to be written in too much smaller regions.

Seagate’s most massive drives are about 16 TB till now. These drives are aimed squarely at the enterprise. Some of the brand’s customers are receiving HAMR versions of the 16 TB drives. This should help Seagate perfect its manufacturing process in time for the 20 TB HAMR drives launching this year.

If we talk about the CEO of Seagate, Dave Mosley will ensure the company’s hard drives continue to grow in storage size for many years to come. His exact words were,” We are also driving areal density leadership with our revolutionary HAMR technology, which enables Seagate to achieve at least 21% areal density CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) over the next decade.”

Summing it up

The year 2020 is sure to make an everlasting imprint on the data storage industry. The hard drives are most likely to get more and more advanced with each passing second. Purchasing an 18TB or 20 TB hard drives this year or next year certainly won’t be cheap if current pricing is anything to go by. The market is sure to set the expectations on fire, and we are all set to witness the spark. Not only Seagate and Western Digital, but many brands are most likely to launch the 20 TB hard drives in the coming year.