How To Perform Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery?

Just when we thought there could not be anything better than the innovation of computers, they invented the portable ones. You can take them anywhere you want and that too without going through any hassle. These things called laptops have made our lives so easy and convenient that we cannot imagine living without them anymore. We have started associating each one of our daily routine chores with them. Their compact size and varied functions are what make laptops the most preferred device of all time.

No matter how advanced the technology gets, there would always be some glitches or issues that can be responsible for the hard drive failure. Irrespective of the make and model of the laptops, their hard drives may turn corrupt due to a plethora of reasons. And these reasons, more often than not, are responsible for severe data loss scenarios. Accidental formatting, force shutdowns, partition deletion, and abrupt system shutdowns are some of the reasons for data loss. There are chances that you might need a professional data recovery service. It might also be possible that with troubleshooting and reliable recovery software, you might be able to recover data on your own. But, we recommend you not plunge into the DIY data recovery process as long as you don’t have the expertise. You might end up worsening the situation.


Statistics related to hard disk data recovery

Data loss can be a pretty daunting experience for any person, especially the one with loads of important data files stored in their hard drive. Data loss can be due to a plethora of reasons like sudden formatting of the hard drive, accidental deletion, abrupt power outrages, administration errors, inaccessibility to specific files, and much more. Hard disk data recovery is a tricky task to perform but is not at all impossible. The lost data can be quickly recovered by the process of data carving and remote data recovery. At times providing the software solutions to the hard disk can help to resolve data recovery as well. There are many statistics related to data recovery. Check them out.

  • It has been reported in the previous few years that 60% of companies closed within six months of losing their critical data.

  • 13% of data losses occur due to the activities of hackers.

  • 100% of hard drives are reported to fail at one point or another.

  • Around 35% of SMB’s have a robust and fool-proof disaster recovery plan in place. Rest of them are mostly unprepared

  • The survival rate of the companies that do not have a recovery plan is just around 10%.

  • The USA is reported to have the maximum number of hard drive crashes each year. Every week around 140,000 hard drives collapse.

The statistics mentioned above show that there is an excellent scope of hard drive recovery services because of the increasing hard drive crashes. Data loss is quite daunting, and users would pay any price to get their data recovered.

Some handy pointers for Hard Disk Data recovery.

The use of spare hard drives has become so prevalent these days that people tend to forget the risks and threats involved with using hard drives. When you wish to store crucial data in a hard drive, it becomes necessary to take appropriate caution regarding the storage. It gets a whole lot complicated when you lose the most critical data and have to now opt for hard drive data recovery.

Several things can go wrong with a hard drive. One day your hard drive works just fine, and the other you switch the device only to find nothing. The backup is gone, there is no boot-up, you have no access to files. A pretty daunting view. Isn’t it? The moment you face such a situation, opt for data recovery services as soon as you can. You can also try one or two tricks to solve the problem yourself. Let us plunge into details of how to face such situations.

Causes of hard drive crashes

As the hard drive gets old and worn out with age, data recovery gets a whole lot complicated. There are a plethora of reasons which might be responsible for collapsing of a hard drive.

  • Fragmentation to a severe extent

  • Malware infection

  • virus infection

  • Abrupt power surges

  • Overheating of the drive

  • Reckless handling of the drive

  • Mechanical issues

  • Physical damage

  • Loose connections

  • Corruption of the system files

Mechanical failure

Generally, mechanic hard drives are more prone to mechanical failures, but the chances are that it may happen to Solid storage devices as well. Mechanical failure constitutes the physical damage of a hard drive. If it has been worn out due to repeated usage over the years or dropped out of your hand leading to its breakage, then most of the time, the chances are that the drive is damaged. You know your Pendrive has been mechanically damaged when you hear a distinct clicking sound while trying to access the data on it. A driver suffering a mechanical failure does not allow you much of a remedy. You can only take it to a professional to seek help.

Logical failure

Logical failure, as compared to mechanical failure, is not less than a relief. This is mainly because when the logical failure occurs, you know there is some problem in the system’s software and not in the hard disk. There can be various reasons for a logical failure, which include improper ejection of the hard drive, sudden power surges or strikes, unexpected system shutdown, interruptions during data transfer. Unlike in mechanical failures, the hard drive during logical failures won’t make any distinct sound. It would just not let you access your data.

Things you should immediately do after you discover the hard drive failure

It would help if you stopped working on the hard drive as soon as you find out that it has collapsed. The chances are that your computer is writing something on the hard drive, and your working on it can risk your only shot at recovering data. It may be a lot more complicated for technicians to recover data from your hard drive. So you need to be cautious about stop working on it.

Here is a list of few things that you must do immediately after a crash.

    • Stop using the drive immediately- You ought to stop using the hard drive directly after a hard drive crashes or might reduce any chances of data recovery. The use of the hard drive after it collapses may lead to overwriting of data and even more damage than before. Forcing the system to boost would be a terrible idea as it may corrupt the data to the extent that it can never be recovered again. This may even lead to permanent damage to the hard drive.

    • Look for drive detection- Check if the hard drive can be detected after the crash. This can be checked from the Disk management option. If the drive is not recognized, you have no option than taking it to a professional expert. The professional recovery services might be able to help you with your data loss issues. But if it is detected, you can carry on with the rest of the data recovery process.

    • Recover data using reliable software- Choose an authorized software through thorough research and launch it in your device. Scan the hard drive and look for the files you wish to recover. Once you find the files, click the ‘Recover’ option. Choose a location to save the files on a different drive volume. Click the ‘Start Saving’ option.

Quick tips which can come handy during data recovery

Assessment and analysis of your data and the data recovery process is as essential as recovering the data

  • You should be prepared for all the risks to come

  • A regular backup and a data recovery tool should always be handy

  • Before starting with the data recovery process, you must make sure that there are no power supply interruptions.

Do not handle the hard drive recklessly. Make sure you safely eject the hard drive without causing any damage.

What is data recovery, and why is it helpful for you?

Data recovery is used to recover data from any storage media that has been collapsed due to technical glitches. The storage media can include USB, solid-state drive, hard disk drive, flash drive, memory cards, SD cards, internal hard drives of laptop and PC. All the various storage devices have one thing in common: the set of electronic equipment they carry may abruptly fail or become damaged. This leads to all the stored data being compromised. That is when Hard disk data recovery services come handy.

How does data recovery work?

Once the data gets deleted either accidentally or due to some other technical glitch, it would not be permanently deleted. The data continues to exist around the storage device and can be recovered quickly using data recovery software and services. The data recovery tool would help in getting back the data by collecting pieces of deleted or formatted files from the Master boot record of the storage device. It also allows you to preview the files before recovery.

Wrapping it up

The entire process of data recovery comes with a lot of challenges. With efficiency and robust mechanism, the data recovery can solve even the most severe data loss circumstances. It is advised not to attempt the data recovery on your own, instead rely upon authorized hard disk data recovery services. The professionals have the expertise and all the right tools required to recover the data. CBL Tech is house to some professional technicians that will leave no stone unturned in recovering data from your laptop.