Five Innovations from Apple that will attract the Audience in 2020

2020 is going to be the glorious year for Apple. Apple is one company that believes in bringing the best in the tech world. Whether it’s the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, all Apple products have something new and unique that makes the consumers go for the double-digit investment. Even though Apple is known for the class apart technology it uses in making the best smartphone and tablets in the world. Its popularity is not only limited to it. What few consumers know is the appreciable role of Apple in designing the chips that power its devices and make the tech devices even more powerful.

One tech innovation by Apple that has taken the tech world by storm is its a12 Bionic chip. The bionic chips 6.9 billion transistors allow it to perform much faster than the predecessors and, at the same time, consume less battery power. A 12 bionic chip allows Apple and developers to explore the vanguard in photography, augmented reality, and machine learning. The company was underappreciated for not bringing something new after the iPad in 2010. But, fast forward to 2019, Apple introduced a whole range of tech-smart products, software, services responsible for increasing its dominance in the market.

Latest innovations by Apple you need to watch out for in 2020

If you think Apple has the upper hand in products, 2020 is the year that is going to change this concept. The biggest announcements by Apple in 2019 were related to services. In 2019 Apple introduced major new divisions that took the company in a new direction and a reason for the success of the company in the competitive tech domain. Let’s look at some of the innovations that Apple has to offer to customers in 2020.

• Apple News+: Apple started the year with a bang by introducing Apple News+. Apple News is a premium news subscription that allows consumers to access content from popular magazines, leading newspapers, and digital publishers. Apple news app offers a beautiful, convenient, and curated experience to consumers. Starting with the prominent news channels like Vogue, National Geographic Magazine, People, Elle, the Wall Street, and Los Angeles Times, now more and more news agencies and magazines are partnering with the Apple news app. Do you know within 48 hours of the launch of Apple News App, Apple received 200,000 sign up requests, which is amazing to start with?

• Apple card: Next in the list is Apple Card. Trust us; it was one of the biggest eyebrow raisers in 2019 and is going to impress one and all in 2020 as well. Apple, in partnership with Goldman Sachs, introduced Apple Card, which allows users to purchase products at places where they can’t use Apple Pay. The aim behind launching Apple pay was to help customers to lead a healthier financial life and is available in the Apple wallet app on the iPhone. Apple card comes in an attractive user interface and a stunning titanium design. According to Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, the card is the most successful credit card launch for the company.

• Apple Arcade: In the March Services Event, Apple came with the announcement of launching Apple Arcade for the game lovers out there. The Apple Arcade features over 100 new and exclusive games for just $4.99 per month. To make a fortune in the competitive gaming platform, apple introduced Apple Arcade to increase its market dominance. However, will Apple be able to persuade customers to pay $5 every month for premium games is a question that will get its answer in the coming years.

• Apple TV+: Finally, Apple TV is right here for loyal Apple consumers. Apple has been working on its own Netflix competitor and finally announced the launch of its new streaming service. Apple streaming service is available for $4.99 per month with a one-year membership for those who buy Apple Device. By doing so, Apple has raised the bar for competitors like Netflix, Amazon prime, and Disney+. Still, according to tech experts, it will take time for Apple to compete with the already established firms. But, being said that the initial response from customers is impressive, which raises the hope for the company.

• Impressive hardware: In addition to the remarkable services, in 2020, Apple will launch a number of smart tech products. In addition to the new iPhone 11 range, other Apple products will also undergo an update. With the premium versions of Airpod, Airpod Pro, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Apple, Apple sure knows how to strike the right chord with customers. In addition to the new range of products, there will be major software releases for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

With the release of new products and services, Apple has laid a path for a new tech world. The company is and continues to bring in new innovations. As a loyal customer, we can just wait anxiously to see what more Apple has stored for its customers.