Exciting Game-Changing Tech Innovations For 2020

With the advancement in technology, there is no field deprived of innovations. We live in a world dominated by smartphones, social networks, and live streaming. 2019 was a year of rapid and explosive technological innovations. People witnessed an extensive web when it came to novel innovations and development. From a zillion new smart home devices to camera-laden smartphones that can outshine laptops in terms of sheer processing power, we witnessed it all in the previous year. And 2020 promises to be even more enterprising than the earlier years. The year is sure to bring along many game-changing technology trends. While some things already are common finds in the modern enterprise, many other new technologies are the prime pickings to drastically change the way we live, work, and socialize. Let us see what all trends are all set to startle us in this year.

Apple Mac Pro

After admitting that its previous ‘trash can’ Mac Pro design of 2013 had painted it into a thermal corner, Apple went back to the drawing board to rethink its approach. Before finally launching it in December 2019, the company talked up its redesigned Mac Pro for two years. And despite the eye-watering entry price, the new high-throughput tower Mac offers blistering performance that can make even the most demanding creative tasks hassle-free and convenient. Even though the “cheese grater” lattice pattern design is mocked to the core, the internals are positively futuristic. The machine is uniquely designed to use workstation-class Xenon processors with up to 28 cores. Judging by the entry price of the new Mac Pro, this machine is only for the most serious professional users.

Apple 16-inch Macbook Pro

This device arrived late in 2019, and there are a lot of people out there who consider it as a blueprint for Macbooks to come over at least the next year or two. Even though it might seem like there is not much change, but when you take a close look, you shall be able to notice the intricate modifications made in the device. There are a lot of modifications to the specific vital features that have been considerably improved with creative professionals in mind. Talking about a few changes, Apple has simmed down the bezels to fit a larger screen into the same laptop dimensions. This enables the users to get a 16-inch retina display with 500 nits of brightness and P3 wide color gamut. Apple has also managed to swap out the hideous looking Butterfly keyboard and replaced it with a much more reliable scissor-switch key mechanism. And, if we talk about the internal specs, even the primary option is a bit of a beast. Apple promises to double the performance of the older 15-inch model.

Microsoft Surface Neo

It will be a shame if we don’t mention this exciting innovation in the list of changes. Even though Microsoft Surface Neo was unveiled at an October 2019 press event, we are still waiting for the dual-screen laptop to get a full launch, which is expected sometime in the spring. The thing that is making us excited about New is its new operating system. Windows 10X is uniquely optimized for dual-screen devices.

This book-like foldable is sure to deliver the “ultimate in mobile productivity.” Its two 9-inch screens and 60-degree hinge enables it to be turned inside out with the opposing screen acting as a stand. One of the exciting features of Neo is that it comes with a detachable keyboard and a pen that magnetically attaches to the device.

If we take the perspective of a digital creative, Neo’s dual-screen mobile working space is considered to be a boon. This allows artists to work on their projects on the main display and access brushes and other virtual toolsets.

MSI creator 17 Laptop With Mini LED display

Consumer Electronics Show in 2020 was used by MSI to unveil The Creator 17. This is considered to be the world’s very first laptop to feature a Mini LED display. The laptop’s 17-inch 4K display tends to offer a lot more accuracy than LCD displays that use a traditional LED backlight. This has become possible due to the adoption of much smaller 2mm LEDs for the backlight. This unique innovation promises high contrast and HDR using 240 local dimming zones. This allows for dimming the backlight behind areas of the screen that are displaying black while keeping the bright parts of the screen brightness. The Creator 17 is uniquely designed to demonstrate 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut at 1000 nits brightness. This is the standard benchmark for displaying HDR in all its glory. The internal specs or the price of the machine are not yet known, and we are immensely excited about the innovation.

Wacom One

Wacom recently launched a new 13-inch creative pen display called The Wacom one. It has been created with social content creators, visual thinkers, and creative beginners in mind who wish to sketch, draw, paint, or edit photos at a desk or on the move. This is the company’s most inexpensive and yet offers an unlikely feature for aspiring creatives and entry-level artists who can’t afford a laptop but own an Android device. The Wacom provides plenty of space for your creations as it has an active area that is almost a foot wide. It even offers a full HD display, weighing in at just 2 pounds. One of the most startling facts is that the pen can mimic a range of pens and brushes. It is very lightweight as it doesn’t need batteries.

Sketchboard Pro for iPad artists

This year is expected to be a boon for all the artists as the innovations include a myriad of artistic options. This device is inspired by the classic illustration sketch boards which were traditionally used in the art school. It is a form-fitted magnetic cradle for an iPad that is uniquely designed to create a smooth, flat drawing surface around the screen. Its purpose is to offer users more support and comfort while drawing. It can be either used flat on a drawing table or popped against a desk. The legs even fold out to provide a more comfortable 20-degree incline pon any flat surface in landsca[pe or portrait orientation. With the iPad nested into the frame, you can make the most of the entire canvas of the screen when drawing. This not only promises to give the user a fuller view of the art, but it also has the potential to enhance its quality through fuller use of your arm while drawing, resulting in more flowing lines. To say the least, this tech is the ultimate heaven for the budding artists.

Microsoft Surface Studio 3

Microsoft hasn’t announced the innovative device yet, but the lineup appears to be following a two-year upgrade cycle. The impressive advances in mobile CPU and graphics technology were witnessed in 2018. We cannot tell which processor Microsoft’s next all-in-one PC will feature, but the very latest intel H-series processors wouldn’t go amiss. It is about time that Microsoft bit the bullet and embraced Thunderbolt 3 for the next studio.

This innovation is sure to take the tech world by storm with Gravity hinge and radical puck input device. These are the features that are most likely to make creating art an experience not offered by any other company. If Microsoft plans on continuing this device, its internals needs some serious beefing up.

Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel

Acer is sure to take its ConceptD PC lineup to the next level in 2020 with 7 Ezel. It is a convertible notebook with impressive graphics power and a hinge that allows the screen to swivel and rotate at any five different angles.

The notebook is expected to support the forthcoming 10th generation Intel-Core H-series processor. Custom spec options to include NYDIA GeForce RTX graphics, 32 GB of DDR4 memory, 2TB of NVMe Pcle solid-state storage are some of the enticing features of this scintillating innovation. It comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports, an SD card slot, and a glass touchpad. What makes this innovation one of a kind is the fact that it includes a Wacom EMR digital pen and a 4K IPS touchscreen display.

With these innovations advancing in the coming year, we are in for a happy future. They are sure to make our lives easier and more convenient than ever.