Everything You Need To Know About Data Destruction Services

Before the Internet and Information Technology hit us, destroying obsolete records was as simple as lighting a match. Back in the day, destroying even your most crucial data was as easy as a breeze. But, ironically, with the advancement in technology, the process has become a whole lot trickier. If your company is involved in backup tape management, deleting all the information entirely is vital. Your IT team and management should leave no stone unturned to learn the best practice of data destruction to avoid the confidential documents falling into the wrong hands.

With such alarming rates of data creation, all the businessmen and the entrepreneurs need to put their minds to use to think about reliable yet innovative methods of data destruction. If you don’t want your personal or most confidential data to be leaked or misused in unimaginable ways, we recommend you invest in professional data recovery services before it is too late. Today’s competitive environment calls for stringent data destruction strategies. But, before we plunge into the significance of the data destruction process, let us get you familiarized with its concept first.

What is data destruction?

This term broadly refers to the process of destroying data stored on hard disks, tapes, flash drives, and all other storage devices. This phenomenon works on the principle of deleting all the data and making it utterly unreadable so that no one else can access your personal information. You might think that simply removing the data on their device by emptying the recycle bin would do the trick, but you can’t be more wrong. This only will mark the data on the drive as ‘available,’ so when someone saves files or installs new programs, the information of the new data will take the place of your ‘deleted’ files. To make sure that your information is permanently deleted, rely on a professional and trustworthy data destruction company.

How does the process of data destruction work?

There are a plethora of ways in which the process of data destruction works. All the methods depend on the type of media and the number of services. If the media does not hold much confidential information, the ideal way of destruction would be overwriting or deleting the files. And in case of media files, they should be clearly marked and logged. Their integrity should be verified. In the last segment, we are going to talk about methods of data destruction.

Old techniques and devices

Physical destruction- This is one of the most archaic and the most apparent ways of destroying all your confidential data. All you have to do is take a hammer to the equipment and dispose of pieces at different locations. Even though this method might not be 100% effective, it certainly can help you get rid of all your data. It would be an unbelievably dogged thief who managed to mine data from these discarded parts. You might require a specialist if you wish to guarantee 100% destruction of your data.

Wiping and overwriting data- The replacement of the data stored in an electronic medium with new data is accomplished by overwriting of data. It works with the aim of rendering the previously stored data unreadable. The process of data wiping involves the physical connection of electronic media to a bulk wiping device. Unlike the other types of data destruction methods, the wiping of the data takes longer to execute. Even though this method is the most suited for individuals, it is not ideal for large businesses or corporations with several devices that need wiping.

Deleting and reformatting- As the recoverable elements of the file will be stored in the hard drive of the electronic device, deleting or reformatting data or files will not properly erase. There are possibilities that the reformatting and deleting will only replace the file system with another. This is not much of a productive method of data destruction as many tools can give an individual access to such files.

Erasure- Similar to overwriting, erasure should be used as a data destruction method to ensure that all the data is entirely destroyed. This method is perfect for businesses that acquire their devices through a lease.

Degaussing- This method of data destruction uses high-powered magnets to disrupt the magnetic field of the storage medium and destroy the data in the process. Even though degaussing is an effective method of data destruction, there are a couple of disadvantages associated with the technique as well. There is no way to ensure all data is destroyed. As the degaussing renders a drive inoperable, there is no way to run the drive to verify the data is gone. Physically disrupting the delicate interconnected mechanisms of the drive, degaussing can ruin the hard drive.

Encryption- If you want to secure files in the event of theft or from prying eyes, this is a good option. Encryption is a tad like sticking them into a virtual vault. The only drawback that we could discover about this method of destruction is that you will have to remember the code to decrypt them.

Reasons why secure hard drive destruction benefits your business

As an entrepreneur or a businessman, you ought to leave no stone unturned to avoid data breaches. You might think that eliminating the drives yourself is a very cost-effective idea, but that way, you are enhancing the risk of your data being retrieved and used maliciously. You must hire a professional company that specializes in the proper destruction of electronic data storage media. Here are a few benefits of secure hard drive destruction methods.

All your confidential data is unrecoverable

Retrieving data on erased hard drives is child’s play for the criminals. They can draw the information even from hard drives that are thrown away. If you wipe the data on a hard drive, the complete removal of the data is not guaranteed. Using high-security data destruction machines can securely destroy data and make it unrecoverable.

A tidy environment

Paper is one of the most common and most significant sources of capturing data. It is also one of the most common ways of transferring the data, especially within an organizational setting. There are chances that you might want to save the receipts for a long time. And this can make the physical environment you are working in a whole lot messier. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on professional data destruction services.

Ensure your company is in regulatory compliance

If you hire a professional data destruction company, you have the upper hand in that it will be knowledgeable about regulations for destroying data storage media. You can rely on it for following these laws and ensuring your business remains compliant. You don’t have to worry about any fines.

Complete removal of all your data

Once you hire a data destruction company, you are assured of the fact that all of your data on your data storage media is removed. They are able to accomplish this by using a high-security media destroyer for physically destroying the hard drives.

  • Enquire about the methods

Ask the prospective data destruction company to explain the means they intend to use for the destruction of your data. And if they refuse to reveal anything about this, it is recommended you look for another competent company for the purpose. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. CBL Tech provides clear prior knowledge to its customers about the whole process.

  • Compliance is the key

Make sure that the company shows you how they adhere strictly to all the guidelines for data destruction. It is better to find out how the company has trained its staff to maintain standard practices in the industry.

  • Ensure the insurance

Finding out if the company has an insurance scheme is much better than crying over the spilled milk later. This will make sure that the company will assume responsibility for the leakage of data or any other mishap. It would be best if you made sure that the company indulges in a thorough background check on their employees.

  • Certificate of sanitization

If the company you are thinking of choosing has not carried out proper data destruction in the past, then you must switch to some other data destruction company. This certificate tends to carry information such as serial number of the media, media type, and how it was sanctioned.

Wrapping it up

The process of data destruction is as vital for the company as other phenomena. If you don’t dispose of the data securely, there are chances of it getting in the wrong hands. This can further lead to the breaching of data. Complete destruction of data is essential if you wish to secure your confidential information. CBL Tech strives to offer its clients the most reliable and professional data destruction services. You won’t have to worry about a single thing once you get in touch with us.