Encryption for Data Security- What Makes It So Important?

In today’s society, the incidents of the data breach are becoming so common. Hackers have clearly realized that they can use the compromised information on the dark web and sell it for money due to which they begin to blackmail the authorized users due to it. The good news is that there are different technologies devised through which the cyberattacks can be minimized, and the damage can be avoided.

This is where the role of encryption matters these days a lot. Encryption algorithms emerged to be very helpful in context to data security. Whether it is about masking the data with encryption code or creating a shield to avoid unauthorized access, in any case, having the encryption helps a lot in securing the data.

Encryption basically involves protecting the information with cryptography, using a scrambled code. In such situations, only the people who are having the key to decoding the data would be able to read the information. There’s no denying the fact that the concept of encryption has brought a boost in the sector of data security, and there are definitely some prominent reasons that justify this fact. Here are these reasons due to which it can be considered effective to depend on the encryption technology for data security:

1. Ability to use it for a variety of devices

One of the most attractive benefits of modern encryption technology is the ability to use this technology in almost all the tech devices used by the people. If you are using a phone, the data on it gets encrypted by default when you lock the phone or the applications through a password or the feature of Touch ID. These days it has become quite easier to walk through the encryption process within the Security menu present in the Settings section. Not only this, but there are even some Android devices that have the encryption enabled during the time of purchase.
The good thing is that there are free as well as paid options to consider encrypting the computer. Different companies provide you with full hard disk or file-based encryption as per your needs. Not only this, but you can also consider looking for the options available for data encryption on a thumb drive or SD card.

2. Helps you in avoiding the regulatory fines

It is possible that having the encryption technology for data protection would be mandatory for you, which depends on the given industry policies which are set forth by your employer. For example, if we consider the health care sector, the patient privacy laws state it to be important to keep the information about different patients encrypted. If the organizations don’t do so, they can pay significant fines for noncompliance.
In case the device you are using to store the company’s confidential data doesn’t have the encryption technology, this would mean that you are neglecting the security of the sensitive information, and thus regulatory fines can be imposed on you. When it occurs to a company, it not only leads to a significant profit loss but also leads to bad publicity, which can degrade the brand reputation in no time.

3. Allows you to stay safer when working remotely

Due to frequent incidents of data hacking, most of the companies require their employees to use the devices with complete encryption technology strictly. And that’s clearly not surprising with the trend when the employees can do their work at any time and from anywhere to make sure they stay productive in their work.

But definitely, it is believed that as most of the people have started working remotely, the chances of data being at risk is significantly increasing. Thus, it becomes important that when you work all the time remotely or even occasionally, it is important to consider data encryption as a must instead of keeping it as an option. It will help in ensuring the safety of the data, preventing sensitive business information from falling into any wrong hands who might misuse it for his selfish motives.

4. Offers support with data integrity

Along with the above-mentioned reasons, another major factor that makes it important to consider using encryption technology is to ensure the integrity of the information maintained. Though, it is true that encryption alone cannot guarantee to maintain the integrity of the data, but it is an important part of the overall strategy to be followed to ensure data integrity. If you trust the data you have, it will become easier for you to make use of it confidently and make the business decisions accordingly.

According to the statistics, poor data quality is one of the primary reasons for the failure of 40% of all the business initiatives from achieving their targeted benefits. When you have high-quality information, it will allow you to know more about your customers, keep tracking the latest trends and keep finding the things which you might miss when you had not maintained the data integrity. Most of the companies these days are considering the option of data cleansing or improving the quality of the data, which is undoubtedly a good start for achieving data integrity.

With the help of data encryption, one could easily ensure that only the authorized users can access the data associated with the firm and use it for conducting the analysis. When you have the data integrity maintained with the help of encryption, it also supports minimizing the chances of a decrease in the likelihood of any hacker tampering the data successfully, with actions going unnoticed. The hacker would be easily traced with effective encryption maintained.

5. Data encryption safeguards your privacy

Whether it is your phone or laptop, you always keep the information in it, which is meant to be seen and accessed only by you. Thus, what you need the most is to ensure the complete privacy of the data on your system. When the data is on a smartphone that has the encryption installed, then it becomes virtually impossible or even exceptionally challenging for the unauthorized user to access the information. Not just this, but there can be cases in which even the law enforcement officials have to face difficulty to investigate the data on the phone available on the encrypted device.
Considering the everyday users, who have even the minute detail about them in their phones, any minute attack on their phones can end up destroying their privacy completely. The aspect of data encryption can, therefore, help them by stopping their sensitive details from going live unknowingly on the internet. When a hacker is able to get access to your personal information, you might not be able to come to know about it till months. The hackers could extract anything from your emails to your password details. Thus, when it is about ensuring the complete privacy of the data, data encryption is something you need to give importance to.

6. Increases trust by offering data protection

Even in cases when it is not much needed to encrypt the data, businesses still opt to go for data encryption to present to their clients that they take the aspect of privacy very seriously. It has become important to make such an assertion due to the fact that the people had been losing trust from the internet with the constant news of hacking and intrusions.
With passing time, people are becoming more concerned with the aspect of data safety and privacy. Distrust on the internet has now made people disclose less information online. Thus, businesses have now discovered more opportunities to engage and satisfy the clients by offering them the best in the context of data security and privacy. This is where data encryption is adopted by most of the companies to hold their clients by impressing their clients by encrypting their data through encryption algorithms.

7. Provides competitive advantage

Due to the reason that the data encryption can offer consistent protection of the information, saving it from any unauthorized access, more and more people these days and choosing for it to achieve the peace of mind of having the data secured.

It has been found out that the growing percentage of businesses are now considering encryption plans to be essential to keep the business data as well as the clients’ data completely secure. These days, the clients also focus on choosing the company that not just offers good service but can also assure data safety. This is the reason that the companies which have been using the aspect of data encryption are stated to have a competitive advantage over the other companies which don’t. This simply means that the companies with better data security and privacy measure would get more attention and positive response from the clients and are likely to keep getting more new clients.

Financial, business, or even personal data, in all the cases, it is important that you should be assured that your data is not vulnerable and stays safe from the evil eyes of the hackers. This is the reason that data encryption has gained most of the attention of the people and businesses, is an amazing way to ensure data protection and privacy. The idea to shield the data with an encryption algorithm would make it difficult for the hackers and intruders to decode it, thus keeping the data safe from any unauthorized access.