8 Best External Hard Drives and SSDs for Mac and PC users in 2020

Backing up your valuable data is not as easy as it may sound. Whether it’s the personal documents or essential work files, you need the best storage device to create a secure backup of your data. External hard drives are not only safe for storing your crucial files but offer an easy way to transport files from one location to another. Now the question is with so many hard drives and SSDs out there how you know which one is perfect for your device. No matter if you have an Apple device or use windows PC, the external drive you choose should offer the highest security and maximum storage capability.

What laptop and MacBook users should understand is that the storage capability of the laptop is quite limited. Instead of making the mistake of opening your device and adding a larger hard drive, it’s better to use an external hard drive with higher storage capacity. Cloud storage is another option users can opt for, which allows you to store files online and access it from any connected device. When it comes to storage devices, you have to choose the best option in terms of speed, space, and value for money. So without any delay, let’s look at the top external hard drives and SSDs for Mac and PC that you can opt for in 2020.

1. Samsung T5 Portable SSD: If you are looking for the best high-speed external storage device, Samsung T5 portable SSD is your best bet. The SSD is an excellent performing storage device that can reach up to a speed of 550 MB/sec. You can plug it directly to your PC and Macs by using a new USB-C port cable or USB-A. The most significant advantage of SDD is its compact size and high speed. The flash drive doesn’t contain any moving part; hence is less prone to physical damage. Users can store high-quality videos in the flash drive, but the high price is something that you have to watch out for.

2. Western Digital My Passport 4TB: This is the best hard drive for Mac and PC on the list. The hard drive comes with a storage capacity of 4TB and a 3.0 user interface. The latest model from Western Digital sure is the winner in the list of the best hard drives in 2020. The flash drive comes with the cloud storage feature and 256-AES encryption along with the WD’s backup software. The hard drive comes with top data transfer speed but is behind the solid-state drive in terms of speed. The Western Digital hard drive offers high storage capacity and high sped file transfer without costing users much.

3. G-technology G-drive USB 3.0: The hard drive comes with a 7200 RPM, hence works fast and helps users to transfer files quickly. The hard drive also comes with a thunderbolt 2 port and USB 3.0. The all-metal design is more durable and looks stylish at the same time. You can use the flash drive to transfer large video files and documents quickly. If you are looking for a thunderbolt 2 connection for your Mac, the hard drive is best for you. But, as far as the PC users are concerned, the hard drive needs to be formatted.

4. Samsung X5: If you have enormous data to transfer at high speed, Samsung X5 is the hard drive you can count on. The hard drive comes with high read and write speeds 2, 800 MB/s, and 2,300 MB/s, respectively. The entire body is made of metal; hence it’s more durable than the plastic drives. Also, the hard drive comes with an internal frame that is shock resistant for any drop from 2 meters. Another feature is that the hard drive comes with a thunderbolt 3 technology. Also, the hard drive doesn’t require any formatting, plugin, and get started.

5. LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive 4Tb: One of the best hard drives for Mac users. The hard drive comes with both USB Type –C and Type-A and USB Type-C to Type-C connectors. You can expand the storage space of the hard drive regardless of the port it has. The stylish hard drive comes with a large 4 TB capacity.

6. CalDigit Tuff: The hard drive isn’t delicate and is damages prone unlike other hard drives. Users can submerge the hard drive in 3-feet of water for 30 mins and still the hard drive will work as good as before. But that’s not everything the hard drive has to offer to customers. The Thunderbolt 3 hard drive is also resistant to physical damage like falling from 4-feet high. The affordable price is another reason why you should purchase the hard drive.

7. Adata SD700 External SSD: If you are looking for a cheap external SSD that comes with the best of the features, Adata’s external SSD is what you should buy next. The hard drive meets the rugged storage needs of users without disrupting your budget. The hard drive is high in performance and much faster than the hard drives that use traditional spinning. The hard drives have an IP68 rating but don’t use USB type-C cable.

8.  WD My Book Duo: If your concern is only high storage, then WD my book pro is the best option for you. The hard drive offers a storage capacity of up to 20 Tb to users. If you want to back up irreplaceable data, you can set the hard drives in Raid 1 array. The device offers users two USB additional ports and comes with a two-year warranty and has a 256-but AES hardware encryption and the automatic backup software. Also, the drive is pre-formatted for window users.

Hopefully, from this guide, you will be in a position to choose the best hard drive for your device. Also, watch for the latest storage device trends to avoid making any mistake while choosing the hard drive.