7 Apple Tech Trends That Will Fascinate the Tech Enthusiasts

Do you earnestly wait for September when Apple launches its latest products in the market? Are you a loyal customer of the Apple brand because of the most recent innovations they bring in the market? If so, you are not alone; the craze for Apple products started back when Apple made a giant step in the music industry by launching the one-stop music platform iTunes. And, with the launch of the iPhone and MacBook, the hype for the company has reached a new level. But, is this hype just because top celebrities endorse the brand? Or is Apple responsible for changing the dynamics of the tech world? Apple is amongst the few companies that genuinely go by their tag line “think different.” Apple is known for bringing innovative ideas that serve the unmet needs of customers. And this innovation is the primary reason why once an Apple user is always an Apple user. From the latest MacBook to iPad and iPhone, all the products in their product line have something new to offer to customers.

Every new product Apple launches is an improvement over the previous one. Apple is one company that is customer-centric as their latest software updates aim at removing bugs that trouble customers. From software updates to fixing battery life issues and making the virtual assistant SIRI even more user-friendly, all innovations are targeted to create a hassle-free experience for customers. Here is a list of the tech trends that you are going to see in every Apple product.

Diversification into the content: Apple is known for providing a part of the infrastructure to consumers to make technology accessible through their products. With the help of iTunes and the App Store, Apple aims at controlling the ecosystem in which it operates. To understand this, let’s take the example of mobile apps. Apple is known for vetting the apps that are compatible with their devices, thus ensuring safe access to content in the Apple ecosystem. The latest trend Apple users are going to see in the most recent offerings is diversification into the content. Apple is known for grasping future needs, and this what diversification into content aims at.

According to tech experts, in the future, content is going to be the center of attraction. Once the content is in place, customers are going to overlook hardware and infrastructure. As a step into content creation, the company is partnering with various developers to offer games to customers with subscription fees. But is this going to be of any help to the company? We all know with the launch of new products in the market, maintaining customer loyalty becomes next to impossible. This is where the content comes to the rescue of firms. For instance, subscription offers an innovative way to remain connected with the customers. So, one thing tech firms need to learn from Apple is that to create a continuous revenue stream, you need to diversify into the content.

Lower prices are the new target for the company: Do you like the innovative design of Apple products? But does the high cost and your budget prevent you from holding the sleek phone in your hand? If so, we have good news for you. There has been a change in the company’s policy. The latest products the company is going to launch will either have the same price as the previous generation or will be a decrease in the price. The reason for the change in policy is the saturation in the consumer device market. According to tech experts, consumers are not ready to spend a hefty amount on Apple products when they get the same features from other brands, and that too at a lower price. But, now, with the decrease in price, the consumer’s dream of holding the prestigious Apple products in their hands will come true.

More consumer personalization: One thing Apple is learning from the competitors is to offer personalized products to customers. When you think of the iPhone, what’s the image that comes into your mind? Is it the black or gray smartphone that looks professional but boring at the same time? Trust us; this image of Apple products is going to change with the launch of its new range of smartphones. Consumers will now get the option to choose from a variety of colors. And the color option is not only restricted to the iPhone, but Apple watches also come with a color customization option. But, if you think customization is limited to only the color, it’s time to think again. Some features that target customer personalization include:

1. The latest range of iPhones comes with the ultra-wide-angle camera option. With the new feature, customers can take better pictures, and that too in high resolution.

2. Another feature that is going to attract customers towards Apple products is improved water resistance. So, the next time you smash that cold drink on your smartphone, there is no need to run to the data recovery service provider for iPhone water damage repair in Singapore. But this doesn’t mean you want to drop your phone in a bucket of water. Safe usage is what Apple always recommends.

3. The new Apple Watch comes with compass and fall detection features.

4. Another feature you are going to see in the latest range of Apple watches is the electric heat sensor.

With the improved and customized features, the company aims to better align with the needs of customers, instead of making it challenging for users to adapt to the old features. More customization means more loyal customers. When customers get features that meet their needs or even the need they were not aware of, the result is enhanced customer loyalty.

Siri improvements: What’s the one reason you like Apple products? Is it the voice assistant Siri? If so, you are going to love the new Apple products even more because of the latest improvements in the virtual assistant. With the new AI base and contextual learning, Siri will now work as a task manager and do everything you can think of. From managing your accounts to giving directions, Siri will enhance the user experience for customers. Some exciting Siri features Apple users are going to see in the new Apple products include:

1. A new and better Siri voice in iOS 13 is what users should watch out for.

2. Your friends will now know when you send a message with Siri.

3. In iOS 13, Siri shortcuts are present in the shortcut apps. With this feature, users get both the custom and suggested shortcuts under a single roof.

4. iOS 13 comes with preinstalled shortcut apps. This means users will get the shortcut app updates from iOS updates and not from the App Store.

5. Users get new Siri suggestions in their favorite apps.

Another Siri improvement in iOS 13 is the ability to add multiple items in the reminder list, thus saving the user time and energy.

6. Siri will now suggest important reminders to users.

7. Siri offers increased guidance in Apple maps, making it easy for users to reach the correct destination.

8. Are you bored with the accent of Siri? We have good news. In iOS 13, users will get an improved version of Siri, which supports American, Australian, South African, Irish, English, and Indian English accents.

iBeacon trend: Beacon is the new application development trend that finds its application in industries like museums, health care, and hotels. It plays an essential role in location technology and proximity marketing. Beacons are the wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to communicate signals. Although many people believe this is not a new trend, with the killer combo of iBeacons and wearables, Apple surely knows how to attract customers. At present, BLE devices Beacons are compatible with the iPhones. By connecting Beacons with Apple watches, customers can open the door to a new stream of benefits.

AI and machine learning: We all know artificial intelligence and machine learning are the key buzzwords in the tech industry but do Apple products use the technology? And we are not only talking about the virtual assistant Siri. According to tech experts, users are going to see AI in every Apple product. Moving a step forwards, Apple is making improvements in image recognition and app suggestions. Apple also introduced various tools for developers to make the maximum use of machine learning and also provides dedicated hardware for this purpose.

Digital well-being: The latest feature of Google that helps users to regulate the time they spend with the tech devices is becoming a top favorite amongst tech enthusiasts. And, with Apple introducing its spin-off on the concept, Apple users will no longer be devoid of the new technology. With the launch of new products, Apple aims at enhancing user experience while giving something new to customers to cherish. From introducing breathing reminders in the Apple watch to introducing the Do Not Disturb feature, the company is sure to create a larger than life digital experience for customers.

As we come to an end, you will get enough reasons to purchase the new Apple products, whether it’s the latest smartphone or MacBook. But, like any other tech product, Apple products also undergo failure. But fret not! With our repair services, getting your favorite product back in action will no longer become a challenge.