Hi,i am so happy that they retrieve my data, My holiday photo was precious to me. So i send in for recovery and they did it within a short period of time. I am so happy 🙂

Kelly Teo

Thanks CBL for recovering my data, I have picture of my late parents saved on my NAS. I actually thought that was it, i miss them and now this? They did a good job i strongly recommend them even to my friends.Really appreciate you guys

Izraq Yusof Manager

My SD card stopped working,but there were wedding photos of my client.I did not backup. I was desperate but also expecting the worst-that if they were not able to do it then I’ll send to another place.But after 8 days they recovered the data I was looking for so that’s all

Alfred Lim

After having my hdd crashed on me and my company asking me to pay half of it I feel so frustrated.Yes CBL gave me a bit of discount and recovered the data that I needed but still don’t want to go another round of this anymore.Cause my company should have covered 100% of the cost.Anyway,thanks…

Rachel Tay

Who would expect things would go wrong and that was what I had in mind until my hard disk started making sounds and not be detected on my Lenovo.So I googled and found CBL.Their service is not bad as they were able to recover almost all of my critical info.Giving a 4 over 5 for…

Monica Huang NUS

I never thought we would have to face a situation of losing our data overnight, but it happened. We are grateful to CBL not only for retrieving the data but also their hospitality. The staff members were very patient and reassuring. They really helped us during a difficult period.

Hassan Mohd Managing Director, Digital Media Center Pvt Ltd