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4 Proven Ways To Recover Deleted Photos From A Computer

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Have you recently lost your important photos folder? Or have you unknowingly deleted a picture from your computer? Well, don’t panic; we have got your back!

Most of the time in these situations, photos don’t delete permanently. You will find photo backups by choosing a computer data recovery service. And even sometimes by implementing some DIY techniques.

To help you out in recovering deleted photos, we have created a simple guide. Here you will review the best ways of photo recovery from your device (especially computer).

Effective Ways to Recover Deleted Photos

1. Pictures recovery from recycle bin

Well, it is a basic step that you need to follow for data recovery. If your pictures are deleted wrongly, then the first place to search for deleted photos is your computer’s Recycle Bin or Trash Bin.

Usually, when a user mistakenly taps the delete button on their keyboard, the pictures or files don’t delete permanently. The system sends those files to the recycle bin folder of your computer.

So, whenever you feel like some photos are missing from your folder, open the Trash Bin and restore them from there. The best part is you can try this by yourself without further assistance.  

  • First of all, tap double-click to the recycle bin folder of your desktop or inside “This PC.”
  • There you will see all the temporarily deleted photos.
  • Choose the picture you want to recover and click on it.
  • Tap the restored open
  • Select the file location for restoring

In the end, check whether the picture is restored or not.

2. Photos recovery from windows file history

Which Windows version are you using? The file history feature is available in Windows 10 and Windows 8 versions. It is one of the most powerful Windows-backed features which is right suited for the recovery of deleted photos from your computer.

In Windows file history, all data from your computer back up automatically. You just need to activate it; then, it will backup all videos, photos, and documents. Hence, it is easy to restore your photos with the help of File History. Even when photos are permanently deleted from a laptop or computer, file history works to get them back.

Windows File History is helpful when you don’t find deleted photos that disappear from the Trash bin. But we would suggest you opt for computer data recovery when you notice photos disappear because the chances of file recovery become difficult as time passes.

  • Click on the location folder of your computer where you have deleted the pictures.
  • Now, in the search box of Windows, write “Restore your files with File History.”
  • Go to the search bar and enter the name of the folder or file you are searching for.
  • By pressing the “Enter” button, you will see versions of folders and files which could be recovered.
  • Choose the photos or files for restoring them to their original locations.
  • Click on the restore option.
  • There you can restore photos or files in a different location
  • Hold down and right-clicking on the Restore option and choose the new restore location.

3. Try Backup and Restore option

So you have tried both the above-listed methods, but nothing worked? The chances of finding permanently deleted photos will be high if you habitually backup files using the Windows backup feature.

Now, follow the steps listed below for getting a backup of your deleted photos by using this option.

  • First tap on the start button
  • Type and search “Control Panel”
  • Click “System and Maintenance”
  • Select the “Backup and Restore” option
  • You will see a list of most recent backups if you are backing up your files. Once the backups have appeared, you can select the photos and recover them in another folder.

4. Connect to a professional 

If you have tried these three solutions, but they haven’t worked, then the last one is computer data recovery by professionals. CBL data recovery can help you out in finding the right solution. With a team of talented, experienced, and top-notch professionals, they guarantee to recover all your photos or files.

As you know, digital data is vulnerable to theft or loss, so with a professional, you will get a chance of preventing data loss.

Final Words 

We hope this guide has helped you to get the best data recovery solution for your deleted photos. Implement the DIY techniques for recovering files, and if it doesn’t work, then connect with the best data recovery experts of CBL.

Thank you for reading!

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