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LTO Tape Drive: Learn Data Recovery And Preventive Measures

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Tape drives are known as a worldwide used tool for archiving and storing confidential data. Most tapes are reliable as well as sturdy in comparison to new generation storage. Still, there are many users that trust LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Tape Drive instead of other external storage.

LTO tape drive is one of the most trustworthy data storage solutions for users. It has high storage capacity.

Now coming to the topic, have you experienced data loss from your LTO tape drive? If yes, then don’t worry. We can help you with the best tape data recovery solutions. Yes, you can recover data from your tape drive. How?

Well, in this writeup, we have explained well about LTO Tape Drive, reasons for data loss, and ways to recover data from it. Have a look!

What Is A Tape drive?

The tapes are the most reliable drives, including a strip with magnetic tape. A cassette tape or a VHS has four layers: the binder, backing, magnetic material, and coating.

There are many types of tape storage; some of them are listed below.

  • DDS – Digital Data Storage, it’s an offshoot of the DAT drive
  • DLT/SDLT – Digital Linear Tape/Super Digital Linear Tape
  • Many IBM formats
  • AIT – Advanced Intelligent Tape, it’s a high-speed and high-capacity tape
  • NDMP – Network Data Management Protocol
  • DAT – Digital Audio Tape, use a smaller and more compact tape
  • LTO – Linear Tape-Open, it’s originated as an open standards alternative

LTO is high capacity and a single reel tape storage used for storing data. It’s a magnetic tape that helps to secure confidential data of companies.

Furthermore, the magnetic tape consists of three layers.

Back coat

Let’s start with the last layer present on the backside of the tape. It is specially designed to reduce tape distortion, decrease tape friction, and dissipate static charge.


It is called the backing film; it’s a thicker backing film that is next to the layer, which helps a thin magnetic layer.

Top Layer

You can consider it as a magnetic coating, and it’s the topmost layer that saves all the files. It consists of lubricants, polymer binders, and magnetic particles.

Nowadays, users are attracted to LTO tapes due to the open format. Furthermore, LTO tapes provide different benefits like high transfer rate, data storage capacity, and more security, and it is covered and placed in the data cartridge. But as you know, data can be lost anytime and anywhere so there are some DIY tips before visiting a hard disk data recovery centre or professional. 

Solutions For Data Recovery From LTO Tape Drive 

1. Tape Restoration

If you see any signs of data loss, then quickly copy your LTO drive data on a computer or other hard drive. Before your LTO drive loses data, you will get its backup, and another storage device will be able to read/write data.

2. Tape Duplication

If you have technical knowledge, you can go for the tape duplication process. But if not, then an expert can create an exact copy of the tape which is damaged. And here, you also get data stored in your old LTO tape drive.

3. Tape Data Recovery

If you are not finding any data on your tape drive, then hard disk data recovery is the best option. Further, CBL data recovery can help you restore data from a damaged or failed tape drive. Doesn’t matter whether it is physical, magnetic, or logically damaged data; the professional can bring back your files. 

How To Prevent Data Loss From LTO Tape?

Preventing data loss means you have to take care of LTO tape so that it will prevent damage on any layer of data cartridge or tape. We have listed some important points to secure your tape drive.

  • Heat prevention

Overexposure to heat, your tape media may get damaged. It might cause LTO tape drive distortion because of thermal expansion. In a heat damage situation, hard disk data recovery services can help you out. Further, it might affect the tape’s magnetic properties.

  • Dust prevention

Most of the time, dust ceases the moment of tape or scratches the tape. The scratches on the LTO tape drive make it unreadable and unrecognised.

  • Prevention from moisture

If a polymer binder present inside a magnetic coat of tapes gets in contact with water or moisture, it deteriorates. As a result, the tape surface becomes sticky, and the magnetic particles become loose, which creates high friction. Therefore, when this happens, magnetic particles consisting of files start leaving the surface, or tape gets stuck, which results in data loss. Therefore, don’t forget to keep the LTO tape media away from water or moisture.

  • Don’t keep tape near to the magnetic field

The data gets stored in the LTO tape in the form of a magnetic field. So, if it gets exposed to a strong magnetic field, this may minimise the magnetic remanence. Furthermore, it is the magnetic particles’ ability to retain the magnetic field of particles that causes data loss. So, in this condition, a tape data recovery solution is the best solution.

Reasons For Data Loss From The LTO Tape Drive

There are various reasons for the LTO tape drive failure. To know them, have a look over the list below.

  • Tape lubricant loss
  • The tape distortion
  • Unreadable tape
  • Deterioration of tape because of heat, moisture, or dust
  • If your tape is broken
  • Entangled tape
  • Sticky shed
  • Tape is sticky
  • The tape library failure
  • Damaged or malfunctioned data cartridge
  • If you are seeing an error like “No backup sets, found”
  • The catalogue creation problems
  • Backup configuration problems
  • If your data restored by backup can’t be accessed on tape due to some errors.


In conclusion, if you want your tape to have a long run, then make sure you follow important precautions and stop using it when you see data loss signs. It is because regular usage of a damaged LTO tape drive will become worse.

Moreover, if you can’t solve the problem yourself, there is a full-proof solution. You can visit the CBL data recovery Centre, known as the best Singapore data recovery centre for the restoration of data from the LTO tape device. Here your tape will be handled by the most experienced engineers.

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