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Data Loss: Common Causes And Prevention Tips

Data Loss: Common Causes and prevention tips

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Data loss is the most inconvenient thing for any online business. It disrupts everyday operations of a company or an individual. Users have to spend their efforts and resources to restore those files.

In this situation, hiring hard disk recovery services is the right option. Data loss also affects the working of employees and the productivity of the company.

Moreover, if a company’s confidential or sensitive data is lost, it may experience a downfall. That is why you need to know everything about data loss. In the article, we have mentioned the main causes of data loss and its preventive measures. Read on!

Most Common Causes Of Data Loss 

Have a look at the different types of data loss that occur in day-to-day life. Have a look over the top reasons. 

1. Mistakenly 

The general and common type of data loss occurs because of human mistakes or without any intentions. The daily functions of a firm consist of data manipulation through edits, typing, deleting, and updating; these things sometimes cause major errors. Well, the frequent and heavy data usage causes human errors. That are:

  • Liquid spill

For instance, if someone is drinking water, tea, tea, or other drink, then there are chances that they may spill them. And these are common cases due to which data corruption or even loss takes place.

If the liquid spills on the keyboard, the internal parts soak that liquid. Later this might cause a short circuit, and the laptop or computer’s electronic parts could be affected. It also includes the hard disks that become inaccessible and get corrupted very easily. So, if you face this type of situation, turn off the laptop or switch off your computer.

  • Files deleted accidentally

There are chances when the owner or an employee of the company deletes important data accidentally. Generally, in this situation, a file gets deleted unintentionally, and you don’t even have any backup. So, here the only way to irrecoverable backup data is hard disk retrieval by the experts.

2. Virus and malware attack

These days virus and malware attacks are very common. The computer virus can infiltrate data and corrupt your files stored in the network systems and hard drives. These viruses can steal, corrupt, or delete important documents of a company or an individual. Further, virus attacks can easily infiltrate the entire company’s network system.

Usually, laptop or computer viruses include ransomware. This virus corrupts all the data and demands money in return. To prevent this, make sure your system has up-to-date antivirus software.

3. Power supply failure

When you experience a frequent interruption in the power supply or electrical outages while preparing data, it may lead to data loss. When files of a company or individual are not systematically saved, then there might be a severe data loss situation. You can opt for hard disk recovery services in these types of situations.

Usually, the computer’s OS (operating system) and hardware damages are due to sudden power failure. It may result in major data loss problems. Moreover, you may find issues in rebooting your system that causes an inability to access files. It’s general that voltage change leads to hardware damage as well as severe data loss issues. 

4. Software crash

You might have heard earlier about the software crashes or data loss issues. If you are using an application for requesting documents, it may crash all of a sudden, which results in a data loss situation. The software crash issue might take place at the time of document updates. Often data fails to save or update and gets deleted subsequently. Moreover, files could be lost in the same way during backup.

The standard errors during backup are system failure in creating file copies and pasting those copies in a folder which may cause automated data deletion. Sometimes, the antivirus software also deletes data when read inaccurately as malware.

Preventive Measures For Data Loss

1. Backup your data

First of all, you need to backup all files so that if you face any data loss situation, it will not affect your everyday work. You can even design a structured and well-designed strategy for backing up your files. Furthermore, the data backup will assist in saving copies of all your important files. That is why, creating a prior backup is best to prevent the data loss situation.

The backup plan must consist of different levels of important documents you manage in your firm. There is confidential data, so it needs weekly backup. Moreover, ensure to check whether you have completed the backup or not.

The rule of backup follows the 3-2-1. This states that a company or individual must have at least three backups for files.

The first one is original data, the second must be saved in a hard drive, and the third one must be saved on the cloud. It means you can secure your documents by yourself. And three backups can easily prevent data corruption.

2. Documents security

Electronic gadgets are the most influential business tools, but this may leave your data or files vulnerable. So, ensure an electronic device is easy to wipe if they use hardware systems or mobile devices and are lost with a remote device management system that supports encrypting data. 

3. Data encryption

For your data protection, consider investing money in a backup system or service which encrypts files backups automatically. Ensure no team member can access all the confidential documents by automated encryption.

4. Use email security and antivirus

You might have heard about some email threats like ransomware, phishing, and data hacking. Well, these are serious problems that restrict data to users and charge them funds for accessing. 

To enjoy secured emailing, use a security system and antivirus. This will assist in preventing spam or malicious emails on your personal mail address or email accounts of your team. Don’t forget to train your team on the importance and need of email security.

5. Professional data recovery services

Consider it the most reliable and certified data restoring solution. Here you can hand over devices to the experts, and they assure a guaranteed recovery from servers or drives. 

Trusting an expert is always the prominent choice for users. But make sure you choose the right data recovery services or company.


Implementing these tips and tricks will help you to save your device from data loss. If you are still confused then visit the Singapore data recovery centre or experts for further help. 

If you want to experience seamless and on-point service, CBL Data Recovery is the best choice to hop on. Here you will get a 100% data recovery guarantee with experienced and skilled professionals.

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