SSD Data Recovery in Singapore

SSDs are fast and reliable storage devices. They don’t have mechanical components such as heads, platters, etc like regular hard drives. Instead, they work on flash memory chips interconnected with each other. Consequently, you get fast data transfer speeds and more security of data.

Although SSDs are safer than hard drives, they are still prone to data loss due to physical impact, software issues, natural disasters, and more. In such a scenario, you need SSD recovery service from an expert to get back access to your important files.

CBL Data Recovery is the most trusted name for SSD data recovery in Singapore. We have years of experience dealing with faulty SSDs and retrieving the lost data fastly and securely. Our data recovery experts can quickly diagnose the issue with your device and use the best recovery approach to retrieve your critical data.

Fault Signs That You Need SSD Recovery Services

Some common signs show that the device has run into a storage error which are:

  • Frequent bad-block errors.
  • Slower data transfer rates.
  • The drive has become read-only.
  • The system fails to boot up or crashes frequently.
  • Various file system issues.

However, most of the issues stated above don’t cause serious damage to the SSD. But if not treated timely, these small issues can lead to permanent data loss. As SSDs come with automatic encryption of files, you require a professional to deal with the data loss issues.

If you notice the above signs with your SSD, get in touch with an expert like CBL Data Recovery at your earliest to avoid further damage to data; and facilitate a successful recovery. We have a team of experienced engineers and best in class hardware and software resources to successfully recover data whatever the issue may be.

Our SSD Data Recovery Process

CBL Data Recovery performs data retrieval operations at two major levels that are:

Level 1 Solid State Drive Recovery

At this level, our SSD data recovery operations are majorly concerned with the device’s firmware. We have developed the best firmware repair practice with years of practice and knowledge.

Moreover, we have quality software tools to fix the data loss issue with your SSD. We follow a sophisticated process in which we do not remove the data chips to keep your important files safe.

Level 2 Solid State Drive Recovery

At level 2, we deal with more severe data loss cases. Our experts remove the data chips, create a raw dump of each, and then apply an algorithm that the drive originally uses to stop memory wear.

We are versed with data structures that are used to determine the algorithm which is a complex process. But our expert engineers are still able to facilitate high success rates in SSD data recovery.