Data Recovery Services


Whoever said data is the most powerful weapon a business has, has hit the nail on the head. At present, data is the most valuable asset any organization has, and losing it is a nightmare. Data loss is a major inconvenience that can disrupt the harmony and bring havoc in the data to day operations of business firms. Have you ever thought about the amount of money and time firms have to spend to recover deleted data ? And, it’s just not about the money; in most of the situations recovering data is next to impossible. To illustrate the effect of data loss on business, let’s take an example. Let’s say your firm comes with an innovative product that can solve the environmental crisis that has engulfed the entire globe at present. It’s a million-dollar business idea, and losing it to competitors is the last thing you want. Now the question is what firms can do to protect the data from going into the wrong hands. Here comes the role of preventive data loss measures.

Preventive data loss measures that your business needs to follow

Partition your hard drive: One way of avoiding data loss is by partitioning a hard drive to create separate programs and time zones. This means that if a particular part of the hard drive crashes, you will be able to recover data, as it will be stored in a separate location.

Go for disk defragmentation: If you want to lower the risk of data loss and speed up the computer processing time, defragmentation is what you need.

Antivirus software: Using antivirus software is the tried and tested method of preventing data loss.

Keep your system clean and dry: Sometimes, dust and moisture can be the culprit behind data loss. Dust and moisture can give rise to overheating issues or can even cause your system to crash. Hence, you must store all the systems in a dry and ventilated area.

Keep an eye on the employees’ access: Have you heard of the term insider trading? Your employees can share confidential data with the competitors, which can shake the foundation of your company. To avoid such situations, always control employees’ access to data.

But, the question is, do these preventive measures provide a guarantee that your business will never face any data loss situation? The answer is crystal clear. Technology can ditch you any time, and blindly following it is the biggest mistake a firm can make. This is where CBL, with its state of the art data recovery service, can come to the assistance of firms. To know how data recovery services can help firms, let’s take a real-life example.

Data loss due to Ransomware and how data recovery can help

Data loss due to Ransomware is making headlines, and there is no stopping it. To understand the impact of Ransomware and how the CBL data recovery service  can help you out, let’s take the example of the SamSam ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta. The attack crippled the city’s government computer system, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars of valuable information. And the worst part was that the attackers demanded a huge ransom of $ 52,000 for recovering the data. And the impact of the attack cost the government organization a whopping $17 million. From this example, it’s quite clear that firms, as well as government organizations, require an adequate business plan, which must include data recovery. By partnering with the data recovery firm, organizations can safeguard their data against any attack, whether it’s human or software-based. With CBL’s data recovery service, it will become easy for organizations to determine which vulnerabilities can give rise to data loss.


A leading provider of data recovery services worldwide, CBL helps clients ensure the best recovery services possible when their computer system fails. With a lab in Singapore and locations around the world, a client list that reads like a who’s who of the Fortune 500, and more than 15,000 recoveries completed annually, CBL has the experience clients need to retrieve their lost data and to back to business quickly and effectively.

CBL offers public and private-sector clients focused expertise through a committed and seasoned customer-centric operational and data recovery management team. Through our active participation in research and development, CBL not only keeps pace but leads the industry in best practices and continuously evolves by developing new hardware and software techniques to retrieve otherwise inaccessible information.


The Inability to access critical files is a bewildering experience. In such situations, instead of undergoing a panic attack or taking undesirable steps, it’s better to consult the expert data recovery service provider. As a full-service data recovery provider, we understand the varied data recovery needs of business firms as well as government organizations. With state of the art technology and software, we ensure recovery from various devices in a timely and secure manner. CBL offers support for a wide range of systems, like laptops and notebooks, desktop systems, RAIDs, and Servers. We also provide bespoke data acquisition services that are the need of the hour for global firms. CBL provides a full continuum of services to support. Our key offerings include:

In-Lab Data Recovery Services: This data recovery service is for physically damaged hard drives. In the in-lab data recovery service, we will use a dust-free clean room environment to minimize any further contamination to the platter surfaces. This is done as dust sometimes can be the culprit behind the loss of valuable information.

RAID and Server Data Recovery:  Although RAID systems are reliable, they can also undergo failure. In such situations, RAID and Server data recovery  can come to the assistance of firms. In RAID data recovery, THE focus is on recovering all areas of multiple drive servers. CBL’s continuous research into RAID algorithms ensures that even the newest systems are supported, and CBL can provide the fastest data recovery turnaround time possible.

Data Acquisition and Forensic services: The service is designed to assist law enforcement agencies in securing critical files. CBL can also work in conjunction with an agency’s high-tech crime staff to develop policies and procedures regarding the handling of electronic evidence, and provide hands-on data recovery training. When we first receive your device, our data recovery principle is to keep the data on the storage medium unchanged. Also, we recover data without compromising data security.

Emergency Data Recovery Options: A small delay in recovering data can result in the loss of a fortune. To avoid such situations, emergency data recovery options can come to the rescue of firms. By partnering with the emergency data recovery provider, firms will be able to get the business running in a short period. To provide customers with recovery results as soon as possible, CBL’s Emergency services can handle everything from massive RAID and multi-disk servers to failed laptops. FTP downloads of recovered data also are available to enable your business to get on track right away. With our emergency data recovery service , firms will get the peace of mind, as we will work with you at every step by offering 24 *7 services at the time of data loss.

OUR METHODOLOGY for recovering data

Whenever users suspect a data loss situation, they should immediately turn to our expert technicians. The trained staff will immediately start executing the planned recovery strategy. Whether the requirement is for recovering complex data for large organizations or a loss of personal information from the user system, our innovative techniques, and expert knowledge will recover the data without any hassles. Now let’s look at the detailed step by step guide of how the data recovery will take place.

Once CBL receives your hard disk drive, it is immediately logged into our ISO 9001-2000 tracking system. At this point, you will receive a call from your CBL customer care professional who will confirm receipt of your media and gather any additional information required by our data recovery engineers. Our recovery engineers will need to know what data (Target Data) is required.

Your hard drive is then placed in our laboratory for assessment.

Our technicians will determine what went wrong, what we have to work with, what we can do, and how long it might take.

As soon as the evaluation is complete, your customer care professional will contact you with the lab results and costs. Your data will be returned to you on the media of your choice. In most cases, thumb drives are utilized, but external hard disk drives are also available when needed or requested. CBL can also provide your data online via FTP transfer. This allows you to download your essential Target Data from our servers quickly and securely.

To arrange shipment of your hard disk drive, please fill out our online data recovery form. Our online data recovery system will provide you with a job reference number for tracking purposes along with shipping instructions for your media.

To speak with a CBL Data Recovery Provider in Singapore regarding a hard drive crash, please call 1.800.225.7464.