Sometimes, data on the hard or external drive becomes inaccessible or lost due to various reasons. This often happens due to accidental formatting of the device, when an erroneously selected disk is erased. And all information stored on this gets deleted.

After the user has completed the process of quickly formatting the hard drive or other storage devices; it may seem that the files that were located on the device are gone forever. However, it’s not. The data only becomes invisible and inaccessible for direct use. But using special software, they can be restored. There are various data recovery services providers who bring back the accidental files. There are some simple steps through which you can easily get back your formatted external hard drive.

Let’s have a look!

How to Recover Formatted External Hard Drive?

  • Gather Basic Information

If you accidentally format your hard drive, don’t worry – you can recover the data. Formatting a device does simply provide the chance to access the stored information. If the devices aren’t overwritten by new data, it becomes quite easy to recover the original contents. The most genuine idea to undo the effects of an accidental format is to take back up stored data. While attempting the data recovery procedure, you can obtain the best results from a formatted external hard disk. 

  • Backup your Disk Regularly

When it comes to preventing the loss of data, the most effective way is to back up your data. Users will always have the opportunity to return lost data if the data has been changed or edited after backup. Regardless of the reasons for data loss, users will use a backup created or updated regularly to restore the data they’re looking for. In the Windows operating system, there are several options for creating a backup copy and methods of restoring information from a ready-made archive.

  • Double-Check the Hard Drive

Accidental and incorrect formatting is one of the mistakes users made through inattention. Therefore, to avoid its occurrence and subsequent data loss, you need to examine and perform the backup with utmost care to perform the formatting process. For example, when the users are about to format a hard drive or a separate partition, they must double-check. And make sure that the correct drive is selected and that all the data stored on it has been copied to another device.

  • Enable Write Protection

In some cases, particularly when using flash drives, USB or different card options, users can use the function of write protection to prevent accidental format devices. For example, most memory cards have a built-in switch that activates protection against unauthorized writing of information. If the card is write-protected, users won’t be able to save data on it, and it’ll also be impossible to format the card.

  • Choose the Correct Filesystem

In addition to incorrectly formatting a mistakenly selected drive, formatting to an incompatible file system is also a common and serious cause of data loss. Therefore, before formatting the disk, it’s necessary to clearly determine the operating system on which the storage device will be used and select the appropriate target file system. For example, if a user is going to use the hard drive on a Mac, you must format it with a hierarchical file system. If you intend to use the drive in the operating system Windows, format it in NTFS or FAT.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned steps help in recovering data from a formatted hard drive. Make sure you’re considering every key point before formatting the data from drives. Our experts in external hard drive data recovery assist in making the process easy and simple if you accidentally or mistakenly lost your data. They’re proficient enough in retrieving the deleted data from hard drives. 

At CBL Tech, we have all the reliable tools and solutions to assure the possibility of recovering data. If we fail to bring back the data, we’ll charge “No Money” over that.