Effective Methods to Recover Files from a Damaged SD Card

Effective Methods to Recover Files from a Damaged SD Card

Hey there! Have you found a notification that your SD card is corrupted? Or are you seeking SD card data recovery in your area? There are multiple tried and tested methods to recover files from damaged SD cards, but you have to choose the most prominent.

We understand the fear of losing data from your card. That is why we have enlisted a few effective ways to recover files.

Here in this article, we will explain the most used methods for recovering documents from a damaged SD card.

SD Card And Data Corruption

SD cards often become unreadable because of logical damages such as malware, human errors, hardware issues, etc. In reality, files become non-recoverable for a layman due to a damaged SD card. But now, we are equipped with technologies and many recovery solutions.
If your SD card gets corrupted, it doesn’t mean that each stored file is gone. There are many approved and tested ways to fix your corrupted SD cards.

Ways To Recover Data From A Damaged SD Card

So as you know, major corruption may head towards serious data loss issues. Some methods can help to recover data from a damaged memory card.

1. Download Software For Data Recovery From PC

Remember, there is not always a need for an expert to manage external hard disk recovery. There is an option to use data recovery software or SD card data recovery. It will provide an ease of using as well as recover more than hundreds of file formats from every type of SD card.
Also, modern data recovery software helps organize and protect important documents or monitor the storage device’s health.

Follow these instructions to restore data from a corrupted SD card using data recovery software.

  • Start with connecting your SD card to PC.
  • Install the recovery software on your hard drive.
  • Launch the software, choose the SD card, and click on the lost data button.
  • Select every file you have to recover.
  • Now click on recovery and select the best recovery directory.

2. Use Free Apps For Data Recovery From Android

If you don’t have access to a PC or cannot recover from the PC’s software, there is a second option. You can attempt recovering documents from a damaged SD card by using data recovery software for android. The android recovering software will enable you to recover information within a few steps.

You may find many free apps on the Play Store or Google. The free version is capable of recovering videos and photos. At the same time, video recovery works only on rooted Android devices. Here’s how to recover files from a corrupted SD card using the android data recovery app.

  • Go to the Play Store and install the data recovery app.
  • Insert SD on your phone.
  • Open the recovering application.
  • Now select the files you want to recover.
  • At last, start transferring all recovered data on your android phone.

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3. Professional Assistance

Many people say external hard disk recovery by professionals is an expensive option. But it is not true. Choosing the right service providers is easy to find at a low rate. They can solve most of your issues and deliver a great result.
Whether your SD is damaged or corrupted, an SD card data recovery solution can help you out. They use their expertise to regain all the formatted or corrupted data.

Final Words

You might have got an idea about data recovering methods from a damaged SD card. If you don’t want to take a chance, we suggest you choose Professional assistance like CBL Tech for the best data recovery services in Singapore. They have a team of verified experts for restoring your data without any help from third-party software. Here you will get a 100% data recovery guarantee from a damaged SD card.
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