What Are The Reasons For Corrupted or Lost MPEG Files? Learn To Recover Them

What Are The Reasons For Corrupted or Lost MPEG Files? Learn To Recover Them

Have you recently lost MPEG Files? Or do your files get corrupted? Every problem has a solution, so do this. 

Do you know you can recover data lost on MPEG files by yourself? Isn’t that great! Further, in case of major problems, you always have an option to visit the hard disk data recovery centre.

Well, In this write-up, we will discuss some major reasons for lost or corrupted MPEG files. Additionally, we will share some of the best possible solutions needed to recover or restore data. 

Understand: Meaning, Signs, And Reasons For Lost Or Corrupted MPEG Files

What Is An MPEG File?

First, you need to know what the .mpeg file is. It is also known as an MPEG file which is developed by the group of Moving Picture Experts. This file format is used globally for downloading and online streaming. Furthermore, it provides a really fast speed for downloading. However, MPEG-1 and 2 are some of the MPEG files compressed video formats.

What Are The Signs Of File Corruption?

Now let’s take a look over the major signs of file corruption!

Users find some very basic errors while transferring, playing, or downloading MPEG video files. It includes;

  • Source filter not loading
  • Can’t play a video when the suitable decompressor is not found
  • Lower speed of a normal video
  • Can’t open files due to incorrect path or filename
  • Error 2048 and 23132
  • No audio in video
  • Issues in video codec
  • Unsupported format
  • Choppy, blurry, or jerky videos
  • Non-sync video or audio in a file
  • Video files broken
  • Screen flickering issue
  • Video freezer unwontedly
  • Black screen while playing a video

These are some errors users generally find in everyday use of MPEG files. Moreover, these signs indicate that the videos are corrupted. 

What Are Reasons For MPEG File Corruption? 

Now check out the main reasons why a MPEG file is corrupt or lost.

  • A malware or virus attack is capable of corrupting a file.
  • Files were deleted accidentally from your laptop by your own mistake.
  • Files are saved or stored in a corrupted hard disk because logical errors lead to data loss.
  • Interruption while transferring MPEG videos or files could be a reason for corruption.
  • Operation system crash leads to data corruption. It can be only solved by a data recovery specialist in your locality. 
  • If you delete the third-party application used to download that MPEG file, then the particular video will be deleted.
  • When you delete files from one location, it can delete files with the same names on the other drives.

How To Recover Corrupted MPEG Files?

1. Command Prompt option for recovery

This is a primary method for recovering files. It may help you recover, so you will not need to connect with a hard disk data recovery expert or service center. Therefore, follow the steps below:

  • Run CMD as an administrator.
  • Now, write chkdsk *: /f and replace * with a drive letter.
  • Click on “Y,” then type *:\ and replace * with a drive letter.
  • Now, enter the command D: \ > attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.* (D is the drive letter here).

Furthermore, following these steps will create a folder in the drive which includes the recovered files. Hopefully, this method will work to get back your lost MPEG file.

2. Recovery software  

If the first method hasn’t worked, then you can download a hard disk data recovery software. What you need to do is; 

  • Download and install the data recovery software 
  • Choose lost video location. 
  • Click on the Start scanning button. 
  • Once the scanning is completed, you can see deleted or lost files. 
  • Click on the files you need to recover and select the recover tab. 

Note: Don’t save a recovered file in the folder where it was lost. 

Need Help From A Data Recovery Specialist? 

In conclusion, we hope these two methods will help you get back lost or corrupted files. However if not, then you need to visit a professional for data recovery services. 

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