RAID & Server Recovery Services


RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) are solely used to provide affordable storage units. It has been used for businesses for decades for RAID servers offer high capacity, better speed, and fault tolerance. Since their inception RAID servers have now become a vital part of the corporates.

There’s no denying to the fact that RAID systems are totally reliable, but being just another manmade device it also suffers some malfunctions and glitches And, this one problem can jeopardize the workflow of your business. So, what to do in such scenario? Who shall one seek for assistance?

Well, the most professional and relevant solution to such problem is to look out for professional data loss services -RAID Data Recovery. One such reputed and reliable service provider is CBL Data Recovery.

All RAID related recovery services are available ranging from RAID 0 Recovery, RAID 1 Recovery to RAID 5 Recovery, or a complex recovery services ranging from RAID 50, RAID 10, RAID 6 to RAID 6EE.

Even if the problem is related to data storage boxes such as NAS recovery, or SAN recovery, our RAID Recovery experts make sure that you get the maximum recovery for all RAID Levels. Additionally, at CBL Data Recovery, we offer facilities & abundant storage capacity to handle large data. With over 25 years’ of expertise and experience in the data recovery field, CBL Data Recovery has the innovative tools and techniques that are required for a successful Raid Data Recovery.

The most prominent feature of CBL Data Recovery is that they own a top class infrastructure with trained and experienced engineers and experts from Hard Disk Data Recovery in Singapore. CBL is primarily known to recover data from all sorts of RAID systems and configurations that could be physical or logical problem. Technical issues such as the failure of RAID array, failure of the RAID Controller that

Is  facing booting problems from the server, failure of the Rebuild/hardware, damaged strip, partition/volume not found, inaccessible/damaged RAID configuration, database corruption, damaged software or a crash due to the upgrade of software or operating system.

  • RAID Recovery Services

Regardless of the type of damage suffered, CBL Data Recovery promise to offer efficient solutions for all your needs. Below is the snippet of our services:

  1. Lab Recovery :- It is the best recovery method for any RAID system. This recovery services is offered in our state-of-art clean room lab to ensure the complete safety of your data. Even for hard drives data RecoveryCBL Data Recovery holds a great reputation.
  2. On-site Recovery :- If in any case your RAID system is not allowed to leave your boundaries, then our engineers will bring their expertise to you. This case is applicable only for emergencies. For this type of service, please contact CBL Data Recovery Specialists at 1800-CBL-SING for more information.
  3. Custom RAID data Recovery :- We also offer customary recovery services for proprietary RAID system or extremely complex systems of enterprise level. You only need to speak with our data recovery specialists to decide which recovery option works best for you.
  • Common Causes of RAID Data Loss

Though each RAID data recovery process is unique, the causes for data loss are common:

  1. Human Error :- Whether intentional or unintentional, RAID data loss can occur due to malicious intent. CBL experts can fix most types of data loss. If data loss has occurred on your camera memory card or your CCTV data, you may  go for CCTV Data recovery service.
  2. Power Issues :- Loss of power, power cycling, or surge in power supply can affect the RAID systems causing it to lose data. This case is the prominent cause in the RAIDs that run on degraded state. Power issues in such cases can cause out-of-sync drives to get reincorporated into the array. For dealing with such cases, CBL Data Recovery team has advanced recovery tools and their own proprietary tools to provide maximum chances of recovering your lost data.
  3. Mechanical Issues :- RAID systems are strongly build to withstand single drive failure, but once a RAID starts running under a degrading stage, the workload of the rest of the devices increases and consequently increases the risk of drive failure. With CBL data recovery services, even with unexpected data loss, you can be assured that the team will provide you with prompt, efficient and confidential recovery service.
  4. Natural Disasters :- Natural disasters that bring contaminants like fire, dust, water can destroy the RAID drives in a flick of a second. And the RAID systems affected by any natural disaster require specialized facilities, expertise, knowledge, technologies, and tools. CB Data Recovery has state-of-the-art cleanroom environments and advanced recovery tools to safely recover the RAID systems from any kind of damages.
  • Some Facts about RAID Data Recovery

Typically, in almost every RAID array, the data is divided over different hard disk drives that are configured with RAID systems. Though RAID failures are less frequent, they are not easy to recover. And if in case, the failure is not figured, it can lead to colossal data loss.

In RAID 5 or higher configuration, if one disk suffers any kind of fault or damage, then all the remaining ones will function flawlessly that too, without any much concern of data loss. However, if in the RAID array, more than two hard drives suffer any fault or malfunction, then it can be catastrophe to the business.

If there is no backup, the best solution always is to consult a professional or expert from a reputable and well established company. There is no better way than going to an expert for either advice or assistance. CBL Data Recovery is undoubtedly a reliable and experienced company that can recover your data from damaged Raid systems.

The recovery service is quick and professional that even if you have suffered data loss, your business will get back on its feet within 24-72 hours under their Emergency Recovery Program. If  your personal or professional device suffers any RAID failure or data loss— CBL Data recovery is the solution for you. For free consulation, you may contact one of the specialists from CBL Data Recovery Singapore.

  • What is the approach of data recovery experts at CBL Data Recovery?

RAID storage systems are large and hence take a longer time to perform RAID recovery. However, the adroit and trained experts at CBL are qualified to provide recovery solutions to every RAID array failure. Moreover, we make sure that your hard drives are being handled properly in the world-class cleanrooms with the latest technologies and tools. Since 1993, we have successfully orchestrated many RAID and servers with skillful data loss services provided at affordable cost.

Hard disk failure is mostly unexpected and recovering the data requires advanced skills and expertise. CBL Data Recovery is constantly improving on its recovery methods and developing new recovery tools so as to provide both individuals and businesses the highest recovery rate possible in a secure environment.

Firstly, our highly qualified and skilled RAID data recovery experts make a copy of any accessible hard drives that lies in the raid configuration as they need to ensure the maximum RAID array recovery and to prevent the further losses in the near future. Hence, after receiving the RAID array, we make an instant analysis of the damaged RAID drives find out the cause of the failure. Ensuring the cause of the failure can only conclude the right approach for the recovery process of RAID.

The data recorder on RAID is split and hence, it is tough to recover the data to maintain the internal cohesion of folder and files. This is why RAID recovery requires specialized-advanced tools and technologies for RAID recovery. But with CBL Data Recovery expertise and knowledge, it is easy to manage the data in its entire configuration.

  • What makes CBL Data Recovery so unique for RAID recovery?

CBL Data Recovery is uniquely qualified in Singapore to provide the professional, efficient data recovery service you require for your RAID storage system. Only with CBL’s RAID Recovery Service do you receive:

  • Immediate pick-up anywhere in Singapore.
  • An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Process applied to your recovery.
  • A custom engineered ISO 4 Laminar Flow Bench to ensure your data is not damaged further when opening the disk drive is required.
  • 20+ years of technical experience focused specifically on RAID recoveries.
  • Pro-active customer service support to ensure you are briefed on the recovery process.

With CBL’s RAID Recovery Service, all you need to do is provide the drives from your RAID storage system to CBL. You remain in possession of your hardware system so you can get your business up and running again without delay. CBL picks up your drives upon notification and immediately commences the recovery effort while you focus on restoring your critical business functions.

Emergency Services from the most trusted Data Recovery Company in Singapore. When you have lost your critical data due to hardware failure or other unforeseen situations, time is of the essence. CBL Data Recovery Singapore provides the industry’s most comprehensive Emergency Response services to efficiently and effectively restore your organization’s critical data – when and where you need it.

Ideally Suited For:

  • Information Technology and Data Centers
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Small and Medium sized Enterprise Businesses

CBL is here to provide you with on-site and in-lab access to a team of highly experienced data recovery technicians. Teams are standing by for immediate deployment anywhere in Singapore 24 × 7 – 365 days a year.

Make Any Model:

On-site and in-lab recovery for all brands and formats:

  • Network Server RAID array recovery
  • NAS recovery
  • SAN recovery
  • SAS Data Recovery
  • Backup Tape Set recovery

CBL also recovers data from corrupted file sets in software platforms such as SQL, Oracle and Exchange Servers, custom applications and multiple types of file systems.