How to Recover Data From Your Damaged MacBook?

How to Recover Data From Your Damaged MacBook?

You might be the most careful person to handle your MacBook; still, accidents can happen anytime. Once your MacBook gets damaged, it needs repairing as well as data recovery.

Regardless of the reason for the damage, you seek MacBook data recovery services. Oftentimes, it becomes really expensive to recover data, and sometimes it can be done by yourself only.

So, today we are going to discuss the best ways for recovering data from a damaged MacBook. Read the complete guide to understand the data recovery process well. 

3 Ways To Recover Data From Dead MacBook

1. Recover data by creating a bootable installer

A dead MacBook is a problem, but you can still save your confidential data with the bootable installer. First, it requires another running Mac, a cable, and a USB drive.

Now, create a bootable USB drive by following the process;

  • Go to the Apple store and download the macOS installer on the working device (Mac).
  • Now, with the help of a cable, connect your USB drive to the Mac. Go to the Finder, then Applications, and the Utilities.
  • Type the command – sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ –volume /Volumes/MyVolume.

So, now you have a bootable USB macOS installer. Step 2 is to use it for booting up your damaged MacBook.

  • Start with plugging the USB into the MacBook.
  • Now, press the Option key to restart your MacBook.
  • When you see startup disk options, release the key.
  • Now select the external USB drive, then click on the Restart button.

Once your MacBook opens, go to the Finder and check if the hard drive of the MacBook is accessible or not. You can use Macbook data recovery software to rescue files from becoming inaccessible, unmounted, or corrupted.

2. A target disk mode for recovering data

Basically, target disk mode enables a MacBook to act as an external hard drive for another running MacBook. It is a useful method for transferring files between two MacBooks.

So, for this process, you need a running MacBook. Then use a Firewire or Thunderbolt cable for connecting the two MacBooks. Disable the FileVault on your working MacBook.

Once you have connected both the Mac, press the power button on the damaged MacBook and hold the T button on the same device. If this formula works, then your damaged MacBook will be visible on the running device. However, if your MacBook’s hard drive isn’t in working condition, then it will not be visible on a running MacBook.

3. Use working MAC to recover data from damaged MacBook

You can use a damaged MacBook’s hard drive, which works as an external hard drive. And need to connect it with a running MacBook.

For the process, you need an external hard drive enclosure, a USB connection cable, and a screwdriver.

  • With the help of a screwdriver, open the case of the MacBook and remove the hard drive.
  • Now, put the hard drive into the external hard drive enclosure.
  • Connect the hard disk of the damaged MacBook to another running MacBook.
  • After this, you need to download a hard disk recovery tool. You can find the best tool by searching on Google.

We would mention that there is some risk in this process:

  • Your MacBook’s internal hard drive is damaged due to a virus attack? If so, the other working Mac will get affected.
  • Your MacBook might get damaged if you don’t take out the internal hard drive (built-in) from your damaged MacBook.
  • It would help if you were an expert in Mac machines.

No doubt, this process is risky, so attempt it if you have some experience in the data recovery process. 

Connect With The Data Recovery Experts

So you have tried all three methods, but it hasn’t worked? Don’t worry; the last option is connecting with data recovery experts. Well, this is a full-proof solution for recovering data from a dead MacBook. The professionals are equipped with new technologies and modern solutions which help to recover data. 

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