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CBL has more than 15 years of experience in data retrieval from Seagate hard drives and understands your requirements for effective and timely data recovery services. From the high-quality services provided by us, your business will resume normal operations and be completed before the deadline.

As the important founding policies of CBL, we ensure that the fundamental data and media will not get compromised.  After the assessment is completed, one of the customer service specialists will approach you to notify you of the Seagate warranty and evaluation results. We will look into the written quotation for approval.

After the data is restored, it will go through a stringent quality control process to guarantee its format is available. The data will be given back to you via the media of your preference. Basically, a DVD-ROM will be used, however, an external USB hard disk can also be given. In several cases, CBL can give back data from FTP transfer. It enables you to download data from our server safely and quickly.

To start the data recovery process for Seagate hard drives, submit a request online. Also, you can speak to a customer service specialist at the Seagate Philippines Service Center for more information. This allows you to download data from our server quickly and safely.

Western Digital Warranty 

CBL Tech has been offering data recovery services for several years now and retrieving data that have been lost forever. Holding the western digital warranty, we are formally authorized and approved to offer data recovery services on every type of storage device. Our team of experts is pleased to provide a broad range of services to Western Digital customers, such as RAID and hard drive data recovery.  CBL Tech has great experience with WD devices and is administering the development of custom data recovery systems for Western Digital drives.

Amongst our different advanced data recovery capabilities, our technology can easily recover data from failed encrypted Western Digital hard drives. For many years, we have acquired deep knowledge of hundreds of various models of Western Digital hard drives, firmware, and systems. We have assembled a team of specialists who can satisfy every challenge and create wonders of any size or variety of Western Digital hard drives.

Data Recovery Services 

Each digital storage and electronic device medium includes information, and this information may not be accessible because of logical or mechanical failures.

The method to access, retrieve and restore the inaccessible data is known as Data recovery. It varies according to the type of media. When the failure is consistent, that is operating system failure or deletion, then, the professional software is leveraged for data recovery. When there is a mechanical failure, such as fire or water damage, physical damage, etc., recovery is needed from the certified and professional one.

CBL Tech technicians have fortunately recovered data from media which other companies consider unrecoverable. The team here has successfully retrieved data from water and fire damage cases, logically damaged media and encryption equipment, etc.

Soon after carrying out the media diagnostics, the professionals will find the price point and expected turnaround time for recovery on the device.

When the customer agrees, the engineers will carry out the restoration and will not impose a fee higher than the agreed price, even when the restoration needs more work than expected. After the completion of the recovery, the professionals will give you the recovered files for the complete security of the files in transit.

CBL Tech Data Recovery Process

Data recovery is considered an exceptional process. Of course, it is distinctive from conventional computer repair.  The process of recovery needs the discipline and focus of the professional, do not forget the different equipment and tools.  Data recovery is more valuable than traditional computer repair. 

The turnaround time could be longer, the jobs might take weeks or days to accomplish.  Not to forget, the data could be recovered easily. According to the extent of the damaging needs to the hard drive, the data loss situation could be perpetual.  When it is about unrecovered data, the customers will not get charged. It is also essential that the data and the personal details are saved. Also, if the information being recovered is personal like, photos or home videos, then, then customer privacy is respected more.  

Check out the website to know the details of other services, the data recovery process, and more. 

  •  We provide a “No Recovery – No Charge” policy. The customer will not get charged if we will not be able to recover the data.
  • No evaluation or diagnostic fee. 
  • You will receive the overall bill when the data is recovered successfully.
  • CBL recovers the lost data from a comprehensive range of digital media like USB pens, camera cards, hard drives, etc. from a comprehensive range of formats such as Mac OS, Unix, Linux, and Windows.
  • We aim to give economical data recovery services in the Philippines to SMEs and the general public. 
  • In the long run, this service is available only for the large enterprises holding larger budgets. 
  • We prefer using advanced tools for performing the process of data recovery.
  • There are software and hardware suites with the tools for evaluation and data recovery of hard disk drives with physically malfunctioning drives and HDD, damaged file systems with the combination of these issues.
  • The data recovery services are economical for companies or individuals.  

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