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Data Recovery Services in Malaysia

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CBLtech is an experienced company that provides a wide range of storage media and offers the best prices in town. We further focus on retrieving professional data recovery from damaged or failed storage media devices in Malaysia.

We serve various customers in Malaysia to recover their lost data. Our data recovery center gives expert recovery services for media storage, like, hard disk drives (HDD), flash media,  memory cards, SD cards, and USB pen drives.

CBLtech experts know how vital the data is. Holding many years of experience in recovery services, we are the name that you can trust.  The professionals are experts in innovative hard drive recovery solutions and file recovery engineering solutions.  Data Recovery Services gives a refined strategy to assist in retrieving the important data with unique extraction tools, clean air enclosure, and data recovery software. We give the chance to recover the important data from logical or mechanical failures, corrupted data, or deleted files.  While recovering the data with CBLtech, definitely, the success rate of the recovery would be higher.

Data Recovery Services from us are technology-oriented and equipped with advanced software to assist in searching, examining, and producing the data effectively and economically.  The recovery center serves many customers in financial, corporate, government, and legal markets.

If your devices have experienced data loss and you want to retain them, then, do not be inconvenienced and stressed, CBLtech is the company that you can rely on for the files and guarantee that your important lost data is in the safe hands. 

CBL Tech for Data Recovery Services

We aim to provide the customers with affordable, reliable, and timely recovery services for each type of device.  Of course, no one likes to feel the trouble of losing important data, hence, we give our best to retrieve the lost files.

In addition, the data backup service assures you of a system crash beforehand, hence, you do not need to get worried about losing data to the computer crashing again.   We are firm to build ourselves into the most trustworthy data recovery service provider by constantly surpassing customer expectations.

We provide fast, dedicated, and cheap recovery services for the data lost because of mechanical, natural, logical, or physical disasters.  The recovery service offers technology-driven software and services to help retrieve, examine, and create data effectively and economically.

The recovery work carried out by experts adopts a free diagnosis, no-recovery, no-charges policy. If we are unable to restore your data, you do not need to pay anything. If you lose data or your RAID array stops working, contact us immediately.

Computer Repair Services

Desktop computers experience the same issues as other computers. They constantly crash, freeze, and have poor connections, and maybe contaminated with viruses. Troubleshooting a PC can be a daunting task, though when you let the computer run fully again, it will pay off.

We provide an extensive range of repair services, even if it’s replacing a broken laptop screen, upgrading your machine, or helping you install a new laptop in the comfort of your home or office, we can perpetually help you.

Also, if you are not sure of what your PC requires, not an issue, the possibilities that we can help you easily.  The high-quality services, low prices, and fast turnaround have always rewarded us.  What else- if we are not able to solve the issue, then,  there is a possibility that it cannot be done by any. 

We offer a computer PC repair service to recognize and solve computer software, hardware, or network-oriented issues.  Conventional maintenance assures the error-free desktop or laptop operation of the PC.   The competing service or comprehensive prices presents us as an idle choice for residential and business customers. 

The time period to fix the computer relies on the type of the problem and we want you to access and find the device problem before we suggest how much time it will take to get repaired. Also, it depends on how many devices we are repairing at a time for other customers, therefore, we only suggest you on the timeframe for specific after you have approached us and after, we have found out the issue of your computer. 

However, the prices are also dependent on some other factors like the expert technician fixing the issue, type of the repairing service, the man-hours needed to repair the service, the difficulty of the computer issue, the requests and requirements of customers, etc. For an exact quote, approach the team of CBLtech for more details. 

What do Our Computer Repair Professionals Do?

  • Remove malware, virus, or spyware
  • Troubleshoot and fix a PC running slow
  • Computer, and server file-sharing including security
  • Replace laptop’s fan, heatsink, keyboard, screen
  • Format and install Apple or Windows operating system
  • Data recovery
  • Structured cabling in data, voice, electrical, and AV
  • Email and Web hosting service and configuration
  • VPN and Firewall solutions
  • Cloud applications and Remote access
  • Setup and configure the secure wireless network

Approach Us to Get a Suitable Quote Now!

Get in touch with us to repair laptops and computers efficiently. We would like you to carry out the normal testing to find the issue and repair fees. When you give your nod to us for this, we will start working on the problem and will fix it sooner. 

Accurate maintenance assures that the error-free operation of the desktop PC or laptop.  The comprehensive service and competitive price make CBLtech a promising choice for business and private clients.

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