How To Do Data Recovery From An Unrecognized WD Hard Drive?

How To Do Data Recovery From An Unrecognized WD Hard Drive?

Does your WD hard drive become unrecognized? Don’t worry; it is one of the most common problems with Windows users. Furthermore, computers or laptops often don’t detect your WD external hard drive which leads users to find the WD Data Recovery services in their town. We understand how difficult it is to deal with an unrecognized WD hard drive. So we have tried to solve your problems.

Well, here in this guide, we have enlisted some proven solutions to recover data from WD hard disks. Let’s peek from the curtains to view the best solutions. Read on!

Top Solution For Data Recovery From WD Hard Drive

If you have lost data from the WD hard disk, then don’t panic and keep calm. You can download WD data recovery tools or software for getting back data. Furthermore, find out the best software by searching, and it will help retrieve corrupted, deleted, or formatted files. You can even recover confidential data from damaged or crashed laptops. We have listed the step-by-step procedure below. Take a look!

  • Install files recovery software on your device. Connect the WD external hard disk to your device and start the program.
  • Now, click on the scan button; after that, use a filter for searching and previewing the targeted files.
  • Now recover audio, videos, documents, photos, and other data.
  • Save recovered files in a new place.

How To Make WD External Hard Drive Recognized?

We have created a list of three basic methods for solving non-recognizable WD external hard drive issues to ease your work. Check below to explore.

1. It’s time to clean your laptop or PC from malware.

Whenever you find any WD hard disk issue, the first thing that comes to your mind is malware or virus in the device. If your WD external hard disk displays an error of an unrecognized drive, the virus might be the reason. That is why the external disk doesn’t connect with your PC or laptop.

To solve this issue, you have two choices. The first one is to download then install antivirus software for your device. It will detect the virus and prevent your device from future issues. Moreover, you have to scan your system to make it free from malware or viruses. On the other hand, you have a second option; finding hard disk data recovery services to fix bugs or virus issues. Their experts will clean your PC or laptop from viruses.

Moreover, they might provide you with a WD warranty for six months or more. It means if you find any issue with the device, you can visit the data recovery center anytime during the warranty period.

2. Change cable or USB port

Now, coming to another solution for data recovery from an unrecognized WD hard drive. Well, when the external hard drive doesn’t configure, there might be an issue with the USB port. However, if this is the problem, then no need to worry. It can be easily solved by changing the USB cable or USB port used to join a laptop or PC from an external hard drive.

So, before you visit any repair center, check the cables. If the problem is with cables, you can solve it yourself. Furthermore, using a high-quality USB port or USB cable is highly suggested because a stable connection depends on it. If you use a high-quality cable, you won’t find problems such as a “non-recognized WD hard drive.”

3. USB root hub turn on

You have a choice to turn on the USB root hub for accessing files stored in the WD hard disk. Additionally, below we have mentioned the steps to turn on the USB root hub in your PC or laptop.

  • Go to my comp option and click on it.
  • Now click on manage, then system tools. There you can view all connected devices on your system.
  • Press “+” for expanding universal serial bus controller options.
  • Press right-click to the “USB root hub” button and enable it.


In the end, we really hope you have got answers for all your queries. This article might have successfully resolved the WD hard disk recovery issues and provided the topmost solutions. Further, if you are searching for the best hard disk data recovery services in Singapore or a nearby location, we have your back. You can connect with CBL Data Recovery for authentic and expert solutions. Our team of experts can help you out in recovering lost data. 

Also, if you are equipped with any questions, ideas, or suggestions, then share them with us.