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Toshiba 1TB External Hard Disk

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Why user called?

Our client, Mr Resan, called on Saturday night as he was having issues accessing his data on his hard disk. Before that, he had tried many times connecting the disk on both his Mac devices but to no avail – the hard disk refused to load. Due to looming project deadlines, he needed immediate solutions to his hard disk problems. He contacted CBL and our client service rep, Melissa, assisted him with his request. The next morning, the hard disk was picked up by our courier to be sent in for immediate evaluation.

What was the diagnosis results?

Within 1-2 hours, the evaluation process was completed, and we informed Mr Resan of the existing issues with his hard disk. There was degradation to the read/write heads assembly of the disk as well as minor media damage located on the platter surface(s), because of overtime wear and tear of the hard disk.

How was the recovery?

After explaining in detail on the different stages of our recovery and what to expect, our client Resan gave the go ahead to start the recovery and to recover as much of his data as possible. For hardware damaged cases, our engineers will need to work out the initial process in their Cleanroom Lab using lab resources and proprietary methods of recovery.

The Difficulty

As the Toshiba 1TB hard disk was a mechanical hardware failure issue, read and write heads replacement was necessary to rebuild the disk and its firmware to have access to the data.

The Recovery Results

In 4 days, our engineers successfully recovered more than 95% of the data.
We sent the list of the recovered files to Mr Resan for a preview and allowed remote checking of his files to assure that it can be opened. The recovered data was stored on a brand new external hard disk and delivered back to him afterwards.

What did the customer have to say?

Toshiba 1TB External Hard Disk Data Recovery Review

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