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Seagate 1TB External Hard Disk

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Why user called?

Our client, Mr Yawar, from Malaysia sent an email enquiry on a Friday evening seeking assistance for his Seagate 1TB which had beeping noise when connected and it was also not detected on his PC. Just before it ran into problems, his nephew did not safely remove the disk while it was running. The hard disk contained both his work and personal data and he was hoping to get back all of them if possible.

As client is based in Kuala Lumpur (KL), we informed him to ship his hard disk over to Singapore for our engineers to check the hard disk in our cleanroom facility.

What was the diagnosis results?

The hard disk arrived and the next day, the evaluation was completed. We updated Mr Yawar on the condition of his hard disk and the turnaround time needed. The read/write heads of the hard disk were damaged and there was also minor media damage to the platter surface(s) because of the damaged heads. The failure in this case is not directly due to unsafe removal of the disk but rather the instability of the hard disk after 3+ years of usage and possible impacts suffered over the years.

After we have addressed his concerns and explained the steps, he gave the go ahead to start the recovery.

How was the recovery?

There was damage to the read/write heads assembly of the hard disk and first step needed was to process it in our Cleanroom and rebuild the disk. As we did not have the exact compatible parts to rebuild the disk, our engineers placed an overseas order for the parts. Within 3 days, the parts arrived, and the engineers managed to rebuild and begin the cloning and sector by the sector recovery process.

The Difficulty

The hard disk was not in the best condition even after rebuilding it due to its existing platter damage. Expecting that the hard disk may run into more problems in the later stages, our engineers requested Mr Yawar to provide the details of his most crucial folders for them to target those data first. In such cases when the disk is not stable, our engineers will recover the most important ones followed by the others. This process also requires close monitoring to ensure that the hard disk does not worsen as it progresses.

The Recovery Results

Our engineers managed to recover more than 95% of client’s data albeit taking slight additional time in the process. As usual we emailed Mr Yawar the link to preview his recovered files followed by the remote session to have a more thorough check of the contents.

What did the customer have to say?

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