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HP 1TB External Hard Disk

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Why user called?

Our client, Ms Jaclyn, contacted us via our website form on a Friday afternoon. It was indicated as a Rush Service request and our CSR Melissa got in touch with her as quickly as possible. Melissa noticed that the client’s name sounded familiar but decided not to mention to the user at that point of time as more importantly was to assist client on her hard disk issue first. The issue brought up was that the laptop could not detect the hard disk as the system keeps trying to locate it. The IT department also helped to troubleshoot the issue but still unable to access the hard disk. They recommended her to seek professional help for this case.

Ms Jaclyn visited our office on Saturday morning and was surprised to see Melissa –
her ex-student from Victoria Junior College. After few exchanges, she left her hard disk behind knowing that she is leaving her personal information to someone that she can put her trust in.

What was the diagnosis results?

After a couple of hours, the engineers completed the assessment of the HP hard disk. Although there were no hard impacts or drops suffered, there was traces of degradation to the platter surface(s) due to long time usage over the years and another factor could be due to heating up of the drive from time to time.

How was the recovery?

Although it was a HP external casing, the internal disk was a HGST model. As our client opted for Express recovery, our engineers started the Cleanroom lab recovery on the same day.

By late afternoon, the hard disk and firmware was successfully rebuilt to begin the cloning and sector by sector recovery of the data.

The Difficulty

There were some errors faced in the middle of the recovery as even though the disk was rebuilt successfully, certain segments did not read smoothly due to platter surface degradation. Our engineers must monitor the recovery process closely to ensure that the disk does not crash abruptly due to multiple errors faced.

The Recovery Results

The recovery was successfully completed after 3 days, and we emailed Ms Jaclyn a link of her recovered files for her to check. A zoom meeting was set up the next day to check through her files before we release them. We managed to recover more than 97% of her files from the faulty hard disk.

What did the customer have to say?

HP 1TB external hard disk data recovery review

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