A Comprehensive Guide: Recover Deleted Files From Your Laptop

A Comprehensive Guide: Recover Deleted Files From Your Laptop

Oh no! you have accidentally deleted your files or a malware attack disappears everything uploaded in the system. Such a scenario comes across most of the time. However, the bigger question is how to bring this digital data back to life. 

Don’t worry! In the vast majority of cases, you can successfully recover the data back on Windows or Mac machines through different PC or laptop data recovery methods and techniques. 

Laptop devices dominate the market in terms of storing data in digital form. That’s why external hard drives are also great in demand, which further assists in adding more space. The convenience and flexibility of working with such systems allow the users to backup data who usually experience data loss issues. It’s quite likely to keep important files on your desktop every time.

However, if you unintentionally deleted a file, you can follow the useful tips to recover deleted files from your laptop or PC. 

Methods to Recover Deleted Files

  • Get Data Back From Recycle Bin

One suitable and foremost method to recover your accidental deleted data is to check the Recycle Bin. Suppose you’re performing an operation or function on the laptop. But, you accidentally press the “Delete” button instead of another key. It automatically goes to the “Recycle Bin” or “Trash”, which has its own icon on the desktop. To restore data back, it’s recommended that double-click on the icon. It’ll display the recent and previously deleted contents. So, right-click on the files to select and restore them back. 

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  • Perform Recovery Process Data Recovery Software

Relying on free and paid data recovery tools can help in bringing deleted and lost data. Generally, free tools are limited in the number of files or the amount of data they’ll recover or have limited power for recovering files. However, buying premium versions makes a deeper scanning and assists the users in recovering files easily. One thing that is kept in mind is to stop using disks immediately when dealing with data loss. The data recovery software scans the lost data and previews the files that can be recovered through the tool. These tools create an image copy of files and enable you to recover deleted data in a new storage location. It’s suggested that you don’t try to store data in the original location as it leads to corruption during recovery.

  • Pick Old Hard Drive as an External Hard Drive

Another simple way to restore data from a damaged hard drive is to pick a disk as an external hard drive of a different laptop. It’s quite hard to start up a crashed or broken laptop. In this case, remove the hard drive and place it into another PC or laptop to potentially gain access and start the external hard drive data recovery process. This procedure is slightly different, depending on the type of laptop you’re using. 

  • Hire a Data Recovery Technician

If you fail to reach the desired outcomes, it’s time to turn to professionals. They’re experienced experts and well-aware of different methods to retrieve data back. First, these technicians apply a thorough diagnostic inspection to discover the actual reason for losing data. Then, they perform the required procedure to get data back. These professionals have the appropriate tools and software to perform the actions. Hence, relying on such specialists makes a big difference in quality and price. 

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Above, we have mentioned some reliable methods that assist in restoring deleted data back. Doesn’t matter – what type of data you have lost. Our data recovery professionals will examine your hard disk or laptop to determine the errors that you usually experience. And, perform the reliable function accordingly. 

We, at CBL Tech, are offering data recovery services in Singapore to all entities of the business. So, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to assist you in every scenario!